Home exterior security lighting outside of a large home.

Security Lighting

Set up your home for success with a customized lighting system. We take the dark spots and corners and turn them into features. Prevent theft and burglary with something as simple as beautiful lighting. Most burglaries and home invasions take place when it is dark outside. Make sure to take precautions to protect your family and loved ones.

What Are the Benefits of Security Lighting Systems:

  • Prevents theft/robberies
  • Prevents home invasion
  • Eases tension, provides peace of mind
  • Added safety to prevent accidents and falls
  • Makes the surrounding neighborhood safer
  • Can add to your home’s value
  • Cost effective and eco-friendly lighting installation options

What Type of Security Lighting Can You Do?
Light Up:

  • Pathways
  • Dark spots
  • Home perimeter
  • Doorways and windows
  • Automatic, timers, or motion senor lighting
  • Front or backyard lighting
  • Treeline surrounding home

Meet Our Lighting Experts

Our friendly staff has over 75 years of combined experience. We show you the way to make your home lighting vision happen quickly. All you need to do is let us know what you like and we can give you design expertise and feedback to make the biggest possible impact. Be the envy of your neighborhood by using our expert lighting knowledge. 

Lets Get Started

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Environmentally Friendly Lighting

Our lighting designs provide some amazing features. Using only the latest technology our lights are brighter and more cost efficient. It’s also safer than high voltage systems with no risk of electric shock for pets and kids. We use quality aluminum, copper, or brass fixtures to install long term solutions. We go the extra mile to ensure that you do not have to worry about frequent replacements and corrosion in your home’s exterior lighting. Buying more materials is costly and laves more waste on the environment. Prevention is much more Eco-friendly to leave a green footprint behind.

  • Low installation costs
  • High quality, long lasting materials
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient lighting


“I love my lights- I feel safer coming home at night plus it makes the yard look nice.”

“Always a pleasure to do business with you. Everyone is competent, professional and friendly.”

“We have received wonderful service from a very professional and friendly company.”