Going Through the Home Page

Okay, right now we're gonna go through the home page of your Hydrawise controller. You see, we got these icons right here and some weather information here. These icons represent the individual zones for your irrigation system. If you ever wanted to turn one on manually, you would just hit it, green play button. I can either edit this time, that won't affect your normal schedule. It's only going to change it for this one time and then you'd hit start. No, come on sometimes it takes, like, two seconds, one second and it comes on and it goes blue, letting you know that it's on. To stop this zone you would just hit the big, red square, nice and easy. If you noticed there is a pause button. Hit this one right here, back to it. This pause button is suspended. You can suspend certain zones or even the entire system until a certain date. So let's say I want to pick a date. You hit this bar, it becomes a calendar. We can go for months in advance or maybe just a few days. Pick a date, hit suspended and you'll see it fade in color visually, letting you know that it is suspended. All that means is every time the program runs, it will get skipped. To unsuspend it, back to that gear. I mean, back to the icon. Hit the pause button, remove suspension. You will notice I was jumping ahead. There's a gear up here. The top option is run all zones. If I were to leave it, exactly how it is and it runs now. That's how you manually run the entire system start to finish. But what's nice is blue means you're watering, white means you're not. Let's say you don't want to run all the zones, but maybe there were a few of them you wanted to run. There's a run now, come on, whichever ones you chose. Also, at this gear is suspend all zones. If you wanted to do the same process and suspend the entire system. We have your weather information right here.

Hydrawise uses Weather Underground. They get a 1.8 mile radius of your house, and the weather information is very current to where you live. Rain sensor is red. The sensor is stopping irrigation. That just means that it is filled with enough rain. So it is shutting the system down. When that box goes green, it'll say the sensor is not stopping irrigation. That just means it's not filled with enough rain, so it's not shutting it down. This green checkmark means we’re connected to a WiFi. If it becomes a red exclamation point, that means you're not. The good thing is, even if it disconnects from WiFi all your programs are saved. So it’ll keep running the normal cycle. You just won't be able to do anything manually until you get it back online. And that's the home page.