Outdoor Lighting Design

Our Outdoor Lighting Designs

A great lighting system is created based on individual homeowners wants, needs, and tastes. Each system should be customized specifically to that property and homeowner. We start with a free consultation where we take your ideas and input and couple that with our outdoor lighting design expertise and experience to develop the perfect plan for your property.

Our designers look at each property to create a plan that works aesthetically and within your budget. Systems can be designed in phases to account for future expansion and/or budgets. There are many different ways to bring your home to live at night - walkways, trees, gardens, patios, downlighting, special features, and the home itself to name a few.

Products We Use to Create One of a Kind Designs

American National Sprinkler & Lighting installed a pathway outdoor lighting design on a Barrington House.

Traditional fixtures with LED drop in bulbs

  • Same as above (except limited brightness equivalents)
  • Bulb replacement without replacing entire fixture
  • Can modify beam spread without replacing entire fixture

Integrated LED fixtures

  • Range of brightness equivalents
  • Several beam spreads options
  • Different color temperatures
  • Filters that create different effects

Zoning, Dimming, Color Changing Systems

  • Areas can be turned on and off independently
  • Brightness of the system can be programmed to account for darkness
  • Color of the fixtures can be changed for holidays, special occasions, or just fun.
  • All controllable from your smart device

Talk To A Professional Today

Andres from American National Sprinkler & Lighting came by yesterday to perform the annual "shut-down" of my sprinkler system. As always, they were on time, professional and finished the job quickly. My system is 10 years old now and I've never had a problem with it, and the support for the system is always right on the mark. I would recommend Andres and ANSL without hesitation to anyone looking for a great systems.

thumb Stan Clement
September 29, 2019

Different Effects That Make Your Property Special

Our designers have over 40 years experience transforming dark properties and bringing them to life at night. We look forward to meeting you and being a part of this outdoor lighting design project.

Paths, Walkways, and Patios

  • Lit paths provide safety and security
  • Walkways that are well lit are inviting
  • Patio lighting can create a stay-cation feel

House lighting

  • Uplighting cones, peaks, and walls
  • Casting shadows on walls by lighting plant material
  • Highlighting addresses, chimneys, and front door entrances

Landscape lighting

  • Accenting trees with uplighting (Trunks and Canopies)
  • Back lighting plant material
  • Downlighting from trees to imitate moonlight
  • Illuminate plant beds with downlights from trees
Outdoor lighting design on an outdoor pathway of a home - installed by American National Sprinkler & Lighting.