Garden Lighting

Our Garden Lighting System

The garden is a place of sanctuary. At American National Sprinkler and Lighting, we offer the best of quality in lighting your garden and taking it to the next level. Whether you have a small or gigantic garden, our expert staff will lay out all the options to make your vision come true.

We specialize in garden lighting. That means you get to choose from the best options with the confidence that your design will last for years to come. Start today with our customized expert garden lighting system.

What Can I Light Up in My Yard?

  • Statues, Unique artwork, and features
  • Water features
  • Trellis lighting
  • Trees, shrubs, landscaping surrounding garden
  • Fence or border of your garden
  • Garden pathway lighting
  • Names of signs for each plant or vegetable

Garden lighting on a bamboo garden area done by American National Sprinkler & Lighting.

What Type of Garden Lighting Can You Do?

Garden Lighting System Options:

  • Bronze lighting fixtures
  • Copper lighting fixtures
  • Custom lighting fixtures
  • Secured and sealed wiring for harsh weather conditions
  • LED fixtures
  • Colored light bulbs
  • Eco-friendly lighting options

Meet Our Expert Lighting Staff

From security to ambiance, our expert staff has the detailed knowledge to hash out all the work for you. Let our team know your vision for your home’s lighting and we will work with you to make your dream come true. Have the best lighting in the neighborhood and feel confident that we can bring your project in on time and on budget. We offer expert advice with your opinions and thoughts at the forefront. 

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Green/Eco Friendly Options

Find peace in both your wallet and for the environment by using our low voltage, energy efficient lighting fixtures. We use long lasting materials that provide light comparable to high voltage systems but with added benefit. Save money and help reduce your carbon footprint. There is also the added benefit of safety with the low voltage system. It prevents the risk of electric shock that higher voltage systems may pose risk.

  • High quality commercial grade fixtures
  • Save on your monthly energy bills
  • Safe lighting for kids and pets alike

In addition to patio lighting services, we also offer:

Patio Lighting • Home Exterior Lighting • Pathway Lighting • Front/Backyard Lighting • Garden Lighting • Security Lighting

How do I choose garden lighting?

How do I choose garden lighting?

Garden lighting can serve many functions, from curb appeal to security. To determine the type of garden lighting you need start by establishing the purpose of your lighting.

  • If safety is your motive, you’ll need post lights, low-level mini spotlights or recess paving lights to illuminate garden paths and steps.
  • If home security is your motive, focus on mini floodlights or similar lights with low energy or LED bulbs to maximize illumination and reduce energy and cost.
  • If aesthetic appeal is your motive, individual mini spotlights, uplights and downlights are useful for illuminating sculptures, gardens and other decorative features.

Why should I use garden lighting?

Why should I use garden lighting?

After all the time and effort you put into growing a beautiful garden, you deserve to show it off – even at night! Adding exterior lighting to your garden can help you illuminate the following areas:

  • Statues and other artwork
  • Fences or borders of your garden
  • Water features
  • Garden pathways
  • Plant or vegetable signs
  • Trees, shrubs and landscaping


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