Patio Lighting

Why Choose Our Patio Lighting Experts?

Highlight the beauty of your outdoor patio with a professional patio lighting system. At American National Sprinkler & Lighting, we do more than just install lights, we put together a design that takes into account the functionality and personality that you envisioned for your home. 

In addition to patio lighting services, we also offer:

  • Pathway lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • House backdrop flood lights

We strive for perfection when creating patio lighting. Each project is taken hands on and begins with our team of experienced professionals. We use only the newest lighting technology made of materials that are built to last for years. We have over 75 years of combined experience in handling even the most difficult terrain in outdoor patio lighting installation.

  • Highest quality fixtures to last
  • Professional team that works with your ideas
  • We tailor to your existing environment such as pathways or trees
A backyard with a covered patio and a patio lighting system done by American National Sprinkler & Lighting.

Entertainment & Value in Patio Lighting

Add value to the beauty of your home by accenting your patio with our professional lighting team. The right lighting will emphasize the space to work with your landscape. Impressive lighting on your patio will be sure to entertain your guests and is excellent for every season. Our incredible team can set the tone for any mood your looking for. From relaxing to happy, we are here to tailor to your needs!

  • Entertain friends and family year round
  • Seamless match into existing landscape
  • Increase perceived home value

What Type of Patio Lighting Can You Do?

Get ready to be creative. Those beautiful homes you see on tv can become reality with the right lighting, high quality fixtures, and the right team. 

  • Terrace & Gazebo lights
  • Fireplace Highlighting
  • Window and plant lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Bar lighting
  • Outdoor kitchen lighting
  • Decorative lighting

Talk To A Professional Today

Our system continues to work great, and we always appreciate getting the phones calls to let us know when it is time to schedule the opening and the closing of our system. Andres and his partner do a terrific job putting our system to bed in the fall, and opening it up again in the spring, noting any work that might need to happen before we can begin to water again the next season.

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October 16, 2019

American National Sprinkler & Lighting takes service seriously. We work with you every step of the way to deliver the results you want and to make your home matches your vision. Our team is made up of certified professionals who are guaranteed to exceed industry standards. The team has over 75 years of combined experience in choosing the right lighting for your home. 

  • Top experienced professionals
  • Complete the project right the first time
  • Driven to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Over 8,500 satisfied customers


We offer beautiful Eco-friendly alternatives for lighting at every brightness and need. Just let us know what you would like and we make it happen for you. Whether it’s solar, LED's, or alternative ideas to save you energy, we are here to help.

How do I choose patio lighting?

How do I choose patio lighting?

The type of patio lighting you should choose depends on the features you are trying to accentuate and illuminate. Some of the most common types of patio lighting include:

  • Terrace and gazebo lighting
  • Fireplace highlighting
  • Window and plant lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Bar lighting
  • Outdoor kitchen lighting
  • Decorative lighting


“Service was good & service people were always on time & always helpful & courteous.”
“Very pleased with the responsiveness & know- how of the service department and crew.”

“I have been with you the past 6 years and you are always professional and well organized!”