DIY Outdoor Lighting vs Professional Outdoor Lighting

If you enjoy the Pinterest ‘expectation versus reality’ pictures, make sure your home doesn’t become one either. While do it yourself (DIY) Outdoor Lighting can be enticing, Professional Outdoor Lighting can make sure your house is more of a ‘reality’ than an ‘expectation’. You definitely do not want to be the end of any punch…

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Accenting Your Landscape with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting can illuminate your outdoor landscape.

Brighten Up Your Landscape Imagine you have been working on your new home or you are renovating it, only to realize your house only looks fantastic during the day. Do not forget to add low voltage landscape lighting to your house’s front and back yard so it is beautiful at night as well. With the…

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Adding Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design enhances a home value - lighting system brightens up a bush and the front of a home.

Let There Be Light Every scary movie that involves a house has one thing in common: there are no lights around. Do not be that house in the neighborhood that does not have any lights. A bit of architectural lighting design can help clear that up and make your house seem warm and inviting, both…

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The Benefits of Outdoor Accent Lighting

Outdoor accent lighting - pathway lighting in a client's yard.

Why Do I Need Outdoor Accent Lighting? Let’s say you are hosting an outdoor dinner party for family and friends, and they are enjoying the summertime with the beautiful outdoor accent lighting in your backyard. Or maybe you are coming home from a long day at the office and pulling your car into your driveway.…

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Lighting Your Path to Outdoor Beauty with LED Lighting Installation

LED lighting installation garden lighting.

The Art of LED Lighting Installation Picture this: it is the end of a long workday and you are pulling your car into your driveway long after dusk. Your neighbor’s houses are dark, and you are grateful to have your home illuminated in soft, welcoming light, and LED lighting installation can make all the difference…

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3 Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Beautiful outdoor lighting by American National - an illuminated garden.

Understanding the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Beautiful outdoor lighting is a wonderful investment for just about any homeowner. Not only does landscape lighting enhance the curb appeal of your home, it’s also a great way to increase the functionality of your landscape at night, ward off home invaders, and improve the safety of your yard.…

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8 of Our Favorite Artistic Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Artistic outdoor lighting - stringer lights outside.

Create an Ambiance Outside Outdoor lighting has obvious functional benefits, such as increased safety, protection from home invaders and greater nighttime visibility. But beyond that, outdoor lighting can transform your home and landscape into a nighttime work of art. With the right placement and choice of fixtures, artistic outdoor lighting can help set the mood…

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3 Things to Look For In An Outdoor Lighting Company

Outdoor lighting company - backyard lighting.

Outdoor lighting is an important and long-term investment in the beauty, value and safety of your property. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional outdoor lighting company. Qualified lighting experts provide the exceptional customer service and high-quality materials needed to create a beautiful lighting system for your home or business.   Choosing…

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Chicago Landscape Lighting Design Made Simple

Example of how do in-ground sprinklers work.

Landscape lighting design used to be simple. A few fixtures lining the front path, a couple downlights tucked in the trees, and you were done. Not anymore. When it comes to the great outdoors, homeowners have seen the light. “Today, the biggest excitement in outdoor lighting is the whole artistic aspect,” says Dan Blitzer, education…

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Highlight Your Home With Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting used on a tree.

Do you want to add outdoor lighting to the exterior of your home? Perhaps you have a few rough ideas of how it would look or what you could do with the lights, but you’re not sure? Maybe you are not sure where to start and need more ideas? American National Sprinkler & Lighting can…

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