Outdoor Lighting Installation

Benefits of Installing Landscape Lighting:

  • Aesthetics - enhancing the landscape and exterior of the home
  • Safety - provides a landscape environment for you and guests to navigate at night
  • Security - a well lit home keeps undesirables away

A well installed outdoor lighting installation system should last for years. American National only installs the best time tested products from Kichler, FX, and Hunter. Quality products coupled with an experienced installation team is why we have accumulated over 8500 satisfied customers. A professionally installed low voltage landscape lighting system will last for years. American National uses only high quality commercial grade fixtures made of bronze,copper, and cast aluminum. The lenses are heat resistant glass and fully sealed for outdoor usage.

An outdoor lighting installation can bring your business and home to life at night. Outdoor lighting will create an elegant night time ambiance around your property. These cozy and well lit areas can help you enjoy your home not only during the day but at night.

Well designed lighting by American National with a combination of a pathway , garden,  and accenting up-lights can transform your yard into the perfect nighttime gathering spot. Our amazing design team is ready to alter your nighttime experience at your home or business.

An outdoor lighting installation was put in by American National Sprinkler & Lighting.

Overview of the Installation

Outdoor lighting installation can brighten up your backyard and garden.

Two choices of LED lighting technology:

  1. Integrated-fixture contains built-in LED diodes that provide illumination.  There are no bulbs to replace.
  2. LED drop-in bulbs-fixture will have an LED bulb installed, which can be replaced as needed.

Advantages of Integrated Lighting:

  • Extremely long life of the LED diode illumination
  • Spot light fixtures range from a 10 watt to a 75 watt equivalency
  • Various beam spreads allow for customized lighting

Advantages of LED Drop-in Bulbs

  • Easy to replace once bulb life has ended
  • Ability to retro-fit into an incandescent fixture

The Various Types of Lighting We Provide:

  • Up-lighting of medium to large trees
  • Subtle illumination of ornamental (small) trees
  • Enhancing the brightness along walkways
  • Wall-washing the walls with light
  • Concentrated lighting of pillars and columns
  • Down-lighting from trees to focal points within the landscape
  • Recessed lighting of deck and patio steps
  • Dramatic luminosity of seat walls within a patio

Installation Logistics

For the outdoor lighting installation to be successful, our philosophy is integrating our expertise to meet the needs of the client.  What was discussed during the design phase will be reconfirmed during the installation process.  From the location of each state of the art LED fixture, to the programming of the timer, we know the attention to detail makes the difference.  Once logistics have been addressed, all of the underground wiring will be buried carefully to avoid contact with any and all underground public utilities. We will also confirm with homeowners any possible private utilities such as drainage tubing, dog fences and irrigation lines.

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I highly recommend American National Sprinkler & Lighting. They make the process of opening and closing my sprinklers a breeze. I get a call in the spring to open them up and in the fall to close. Diego and his crew just came out to close the sprinklers recently and they could not have been more professional and polite. Keep up the great work!!

Rani Dabbs Avatar Rani Dabbs
October 8, 2019

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We have had work done recently by this company. Their work is excellent. They care about your property and home. Julio was exceptional, extremely knowledgeable, very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend American National and definitely ask for Julio if possible. He was great!

Vicki Strobel Avatar Vicki Strobel
October 7, 2019

The Outdoor Lighting Installation Crew

Our foreman has been installing lighting for us since 1996 with over 40 years of experience.  With twenty years of experience, you will receive the benefit of an unmatched attention to detail.  We know every aspect of the project must be addressed.  The crew will take the time to bury all wire with care.  Turf and plant material will not be disturbed during our installation.  We believe that fixtures should blend into the landscape during the day, and provide an array of strategically placed light at night. 

American National will be with you every step of the way.  From the initial consultation until the last fixture is installed, we will make sure to deliver you a customized outdoor lighting landscape installation system you will enjoy for many years. Our service staff will always be available for future expansion and design changes after the system is complete.  Whether you add an ornamental Japanese maple or a cluster of River Birches, American National is here to grow with you and your landscape lighting needs!


Landscape lighting will enhance the curb appeal of your property at night. Homeowners and business owners spend thousands of dollars for beautiful landscape around their property. Outdoor lighting will allow everyone to see this impressive landscape at night .


Both path lighting and up-lighting will offer illumination that will allow you to walk freely around your property. Pathways, sidewalks, pool decks can  all be lit prominently for clear views around your home at night.


Everybody wants to feel safe and secure at home or at their business. Darkness around ones property can create some apprehension. However, outdoor lighting will create a safe and secure feeling around your home or business.

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