Standard Information

  1. Sprinkler systems should be opened between 4/12-6/20 and closed between 9/20-11/15.
  2. Owner should do a maintenance check of system three times a year.

What if interior sprinkler pipe is leaking?

Immediately shut off the sprinkler sprinkler line inside the house. The shut off handle is located on the same line as the sprinkler drainage spigot. The handle should have a white American National Sprinkler & Lighting shut off tag. Call office for service.

What if my system will not shut off?

Turn the controller setting to the RAIN OFF position. If problem persists, go to the outside sprinkler plumbing device and shut off water by turning either blue handle 90 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the piping. If the handles will not budge, turn water off in basement then call the office for service. If you have a PUMP you must turn controller to off position.

Why is my system not watering, even though the controller is in operation mode?

The rain sensor is still full of rainwater and will not go on until the rain water has evaporated. Please note: the rainwater may take several days to evaporate depending on the weather conditions.

What if I need to water, but the rain sensor is full?

Use the rain sensor bypass switch located on the left side of the control panel.

What if the sprinkler system is going on at the wrong time or seems to be repeating the watering cycle over and over?

You may have had a power surge or power outage therefore you may need to reset the date & time on the controller. If your system is repeating the watering cycle, you may have multiple start times. You will need to reset your controller so you only have ONE start time.

Why does one station have poor water pressure?

You may have a leak in the underground line, which can cause a decrease in water pressure. Turn controller to the rain off position and call our office for service.

What if I have questions about the controller programming?

First check the quick reference sheet located on the inside of the controller cover. If you still have questions check the controller manual here.

How long should I run my system in order to water my lawn effectively?

We have a 3:1 ratio for our system. Generally we do 30 minutes 3 times a week for rotor heads and 10 minutes 3 times a week for mist heads.



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I highly recommend American National Sprinkler & Lighting. They make the process of opening and closing my sprinklers a breeze. I get a call in the spring to open them up and in the fall to close. Diego and his crew just came out to close the sprinklers recently and they could not have been more professional and polite. Keep up the great work!!

thumb Rani Dabbs
October 8, 2019