How to Edit a Schedule

Edit a Schedule

This is how you add a schedule for your irrigation system on your Hydrawise controller. You must get to the zones and schedules part of the app. If you're using your phone on the bottom taskbar, it'll just say zones. Up here when you get here, it will say Program start times. Let's tap that. Then you should have your schedule. If you wanted to add another one, you would just hit this and add another one. But let's say we want to edit this one. Hit the little pen and paper button right there, bottom right hand corner. Right up here we can change the time when we want to start, so we want to start at 3:05. Okay, then right here. I can hit this. I could do even calendar days. I could do odd calendar days or I can select days of the week. White means you're not watering. Blue means you are. So let's say I wanted to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you have that option. Then if I hit the blue next button, I can either apply this program to all zones, so everyone's gonna listen to this and be a part of this program, or I could select certain zones to be a part of this program. So whatever zones I hit and they go to the right hand side, they will be part of this program. So you have the option to make multiple programs if you choose to do so. And then when you are done. But I actually want to apply this to all of them. Then hit the green OK. And you are all set.