How to Set Days to Water on ICore

Now I'm going to show you how to set the days that your system will run or water on your Hunter ICore irrigation controller. We're going to turn this dial 1234 to the right. Where it says set days to water. Right now, it says days of the week you see every day of the week on here, there's a couple check marks. It says water days and  Monday is flashing. So each check mark represents a day that you're going to water. To get that check mark, you would use the plus key any day that has no checkmark, you'd use a minus key. That means you don't want a water that day. So a lot of cities and villages have watering restrictions, so you have to water on certain days. So for this example, let's say we want to water Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Monday's flashing. You want to keep that check mark there, plus key notice how automatically advances to Tuesday. We don't want a water Tuesday minus key. Now we're on Wednesday, and that is still a blank line next Tuesday, meaning we're not gonna water. Wednesday we do, plus for that. Now on Thursday, don't want to water minus for that. Friday we do plus key for that. Saturday we don't, minus key for that. Sunday we don't either. So we can just leave it. Now to save everything that we just did turn the dial up to run - you're good to go.