How to Set ICore Station Run Times

Today, I'm going to show you how to set your station run times on your Hunter ICore irrigation controller. The first thing we're going to do is turn the dial three to the right. Where it says set station run times. Station one, programming. And this timer we're here is flashing. That means that's what we're able to change right now. I could use the plus key to go up in minutes. This is in minutes right here. So I'd be five minutes minus key to go down. But we want to bump this up. We want station one to run for 10 minutes using the left or right arrow. I could advance further, so we'll go to the right using the right arrow now on station two.This was already set for 45 minutes, sounds good to me. Go to the right station three plus key. Let's say I want to get 12 minutes up, but I'm at 16. I can use the minus to go down and then you would just use the plus and minus key to get to the minutes you want for each one of your zones. I believe on this program we're going to have six. And then when you get to the right, it takes you back to the beginning and now we’re back to zone one, and to save everything I just did, I would turn the dial back up to run.