How to Set Pro C Start Times

How to Set Pro-C Start Times

Now we're going to show you how to set or change the start times for your hunter Pro-C irrigation controller. Now the start time is when the system starts operating. So that means that whatever time you set it at zone 1 will pop up, run for X amount of minutes. Then it will come down. And then after that zone 2 will go on a run for that set time and so on and so forth. Let's show you how to do that. You're going to turn the dial 2 to the right where it says start times. Right now you can see it's a says start time 1 with a time flashing so that 2 a.m. time is the time the system would start. Now if I wanted it to start later in the day we have the plus and minus key here, plus key to go up it goes and 15 minute increments. Let's say, wanted to start a 3 a.m. or let's say one has started earlier in the morning. Use the minus key to take it down again in 15 minutes, 15 minute increments. You'll notice that the start time has a 1 here. If I used the left or right, we’ll use the right. We'll go to which says, off three four, and then back to one each one of those is a separate start time, meaning you can start the system four times a day. Now. Most systems are going to start one time a day for existing grass, but you would use the multiple start times if you had new sod or new seed. So let's say you wanted to start one at 1:30 a.m. Go to 2. So we want to start that in the afternoon because we have new sod and we wanna walk twice starting it off. I like to use the minus key. Go in reverse. So that says 11 PM, 10:45 p.m. We'll take it all the way down and you hold it. It does go a little bit faster. And let's say we want to  start it at six. That means the system is going to run first time 1:30 a.m. Second time, 6 p.m. And then to save what you just did go back to run.