Zones and Schedules

Going Over Zones and Schedules

Now, I'm gonna show you how to go over these zones and schedules part of your Hydrawise controller. If you're using your phone, it's gonna be just zones on that bottom task bar. So we have all your individual zones here. This were all the programming lies for your system. We have these three icons for every single one of the zones. The “I” is info, we don't need to worry about that necessarily. The left one is nice, so if you were to tap that you have the option to take or add photos and attach it to your zone to get a better idea where it is located. And then the middle pen and paper looking button is the edit button. Where up here we can change the name. Right here we can change the icon, usually just do like grass for grass or plants for plants. Anything that's default, like this time based and if I hit the blue next button, all this stuff you can leave, we set it for you and then the time how long the zone is running for. So if you wanted to at a time, you would hit it, delete, seven minutes or whatever you wanted to do and then just come back here and hit the green okay to save everything you just did. So you can do that for all of your zones.

Right here master valve, yes. If you have a master valve this will say yes. If you don't have a master valve, that should say not assigned or else your system will not work. People who installed the service techs who installed the controller for you should've set that properly.

And right up here we have these two options, we have programs start times, we have pre-configured figured schedules, pre-configured schedules we can skip, don't need to worry about that. We stick on zones and then program start times. So this is your schedule. Right now this system is set for 5 a.m. every single day.

Let's go and hit this pen and paper button in the bottom right to edit it. Up top we can edit the time when the system would start for three, whatever we want to do - let’s say we want to change it to four. Okay, that's good. And we could select days of the week. Blue means you’re watering, white means you're not. So let's say I wanted to do a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. This is how it would look. But we want to keep that on that every day schedule. Right now, we're watering some sod. But, let's say you didn't want to pick certain days a week. You hit select days of the week. You have two other options we could do even or odd calendar days. Some villages require that based on your address, so I can pick that.

Let's say we want to leave it on even days. Hit the blue next button and I can apply this program to all zones. Or if I tap this, we can select zones, and whatever zones I select would be a part of this program. So let's say we wanted one's zone, one program for grass, another program for plants, each them running different days. You have the option, and then when you're done, just hit the green, OK to save.