8 Gardening Tips for Beginners

8 Gardening Tips for Beginners

Gardening Made Easy

Now that you have a lawn sprinkler system installed that will do all the heavy lifting for you, we have several gardening tips to help you accumulate your dream garden! These tips are intended for beginners so they are easy to understand and do not require hours of dedicated time and labor.

Vegetables picked fresh from a garden.

1. Plan Out Where To Put Your Garden

Make sure it’s in a location that gets a lot of sunlight. Vegetables need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. The more sunlight they get, the faster they grow and the better they will taste.

2. Create A Nonstick Shovel

A step most people usually forget but can be an absolute life savior. Take one of your favorite shovels, spray it with some silicon, and just like that shoveling your garden just became a breeze.

Shovel in dirt ready to dig

3. Use Good Soil

The roots of the plants work through soft soil easily, so softer soil will mean better growth. Soil that gets too hard will stunt the growth of your plants.

4. Don’t Stack Your Plants:

Plants that are set too close together compete for water, nutrients, and sunlight. When this happens one or usually both of the plants fail to fully mature. You can find how to space your plants properly on the back of most seed packets. 

5. Weed Often

Keep your garden beds well mulched and weeded; make sure to cut below the weed with a knife and bury the weed in the soil. The weed will rot and return nutrients to the soil, helping the plants that the weeds were going to ruin. 


6. Get High Quality Seeds

Getting seeds fresh from the current spring is well worth the extra couple cents. If you buy cheap seeds and they don’t germinate, your time and money is wasted.  

7. Harvest When It's time

Don't pick your fruits and vegetables too early in the season. 

8. Water Your Garden Often

This is easy if you have a lawn sprinkler system installed already. Once you set the controller to the watering times and days you want all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the system do all the watering for you.  

At American National Sprinkler & Lighting, our irrigation systems are set up to perfectly water anything from gardens to yards. We also can set up landscape lighting to highlight your hard work in the garden at night. 


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