8 of Our Favorite Artistic Outdoor Lighting Ideas

8 of Our Favorite Artistic Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Create an Ambiance Outside

Outdoor lighting has obvious functional benefits, such as increased safety, protection from home invaders and greater nighttime visibility. But beyond that, outdoor lighting can transform your home and landscape into a nighttime work of art. With the right placement and choice of fixtures, artistic outdoor lighting can help set the mood of your home. Below are a few examples of some of our favorite ways to create incredible ambiance with artistic outdoor lighting.

  1. Stringer Patio Lights

     The soft glow and exposed bulbs of aerial string lights bring a retro vibe to any patio. Because these lights create a warm and welcoming environment, they are perfect for homeowners who often entertain family and friends outdoors.

  2. Exterior Gallery Lighting

    By illuminating your plants from below, you can easily create a gallery-esque environment in your own backyard. Spotlight fixtures turn any plant into a work of art and give your yard add an upscale feel.

Artistic outdoor lighting - use stringer lights to create an ambiance.
3. Concealed Sunset Lighting

Pathway lighting provides a great deal of function, but with hidden sunset lights it can also add a decorative touch to your pathway steps. By projecting light from beneath the stairs, this artistic outdoor lighting creates the illusion that the sunset is shining on your steps when seen from afar.

4. Lamp Fruit Lighting

These lamps are placed on fixtures resembling vine-like plants and hidden amongst your trees. They are given the name lamp fruit because they resemble illuminated fruit that seems to naturally blossom from your landscape. These types of lights are great for adding a touch of romantic ambiance to your yard without cluttering your landscape with wires and unnatural-looking light fixtures.

5. Lantern Lighting 

With a large Asian influence, lantern lighting gives your outdoor space an exotic, Oriental feel. Lantern lights actually provide a great functional benefit to your yard, producing much softer light thanks to the circular shade.

Artistic outdoor lighting - beautiful backyard patio lighting and set up.
6. Candle Lighting

 Using a classic shade and candle-esque bulbs, candle lighting brings an old-time, romantic atmosphere to your yard. They make stunning artistic outdoor lighting fixtures when hung from a tree branch or displayed on an exterior wall.

7. Water Feature Lighting

 If your home has a fountain, pond or other water feature, lighting the area from below or even within the water is a beautiful way to create a central focal point for your yard using an existing feature.

8. Shadow Lighting

 The contrast between light and shadow can be just as beautiful as light itself. By placing spotlights close to your foundation and catching the edge of your home’s features with the light, you can create detailed shadowed patterns that are sure to catch the eye.

Kick Off Your Artistic Outdoor Lighting Project

If you are looking for other artistic outdoor lighting ideas or have your own concept that you’d like to bring to life, our team at American National Sprinkler and Lighting is happy to help. With decades of industry experience, we have the expertise and knowledge to execute your vision and make professional recommendations on lighting designs and fixtures that are best for your home. Give us a call today at (847) 566 - 0099 or connect with us using our Contact Form!