How to Make Season Adjustments on ICore

Now I'm going to show you how to set the seasonal adjust for your Hunter ICore irrigation controller. We're going to turn the dial to the right. 12345 Toward says set seasonal adjust. Right now, PRG Global is flashing and there is 100% so that percentage represents the amount of time each zone is going to run. So if I take 100% bump it up to 110 it's going to run 10% longer for each zone, and it also works in reverse. If you want to change this percentage, notice how the prg global is flashing again. You need to get this 100% flashing. So right here we'll use the down arrow. Now the 100% is flashing and now I could use the minus key or the plus key to change the percentage. This goes in 1% so you can be very precise. So if I wanted to go to 120 I could turn the dial to run and save it as is, that means each zone would run 20% longer. Now let's say it's colder out and we actually wanted to run a little less than it needs to like October. November. We can bump this down. You know, whatever we want - let bump it down to 80. Then again, I could turn to run and they'll save what I just did it. So that mean  if I go back to seasonal adjust, it's 80%.