How to Set ICore to Odd or Even Water Days

Now I'm going to show you how to set your water days to either even or odd based on your address. So we're going to turn the dial 1234 to the right set days to water. Right now we're on days of the week. But let's say we want to get to odd or even - you have the left and the right arrow here, left and right, use the right arrow. Now it says odd days, and it's flashing. No water days. If I use the right arrow again, it could be even days and again. It's flashing no water days. What that means is for any one of these days. You see right here there's an X on Saturday. That means we're going to do even days, even calendar days, but never on Saturdays, regardless of the calendar. You can do that for odd or even so, let's say we want a water odd days, and we never wanna water on Thursdays. You can't use the left and right arrow  to get what we want to go. You use down, so down. Now Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we don't want to water on a Thursday, hit the plus key. Now there's an X there and we're good to go. And you could always go up or down and get to where you want to go on. If you made a mistake, hit that minus key and it clears a back up. And then whenever you're done deciding how you'd like to do it, you just turn the dial to run and it saves everything.