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What are Landscape Lighting Services?

If you think your home needs an extra added detail to really make it beautiful, it probably needs some lighting. Using landscape lighting services can change your home from dark and uninviting to beautiful and the envy of your whole neighborhood.

So what exactly do landscape lighting services provide for you? At its foundation, it means purposefully placing lighting around areas outside your home such as a garden, lawn, or backyard, to illuminate different features and make sure your house is lit even at night. In detail, it means so much more. It requires having different kinds of lighting, where to place it, how to keep it under budget, make sure it is eco-friendly, and having it make your home look overall incredibly beautiful.

Landscape lighting service is offered by American National Sprinkler & Lighting - solar lighting in a garden.

Why You Need Landscape Lighting Services

If you have a picture in your head of how you want your home to come out but do not know how to even start executing it, using landscape lighting services is a great way to complete your vision. Even if you do not have an idea of what you want for your home, using outdoor lighting experts can expedite the process of adding lights to your home at night.

Here are a few reasons why you need landscape lighting services to complete your home’s look.


It is also important to have your landscape lighting services keep safety in mind when they are installing lights in your home. Incorporating safety into your plans is a great way to ward off any potential threats to your home. A house without any lights outside is more likely to attract any dangerous activity because there is no lighting to capture the thief. Make sure they include lights that are pointed at important spots such as the garage, windows, and doors, that can ensure that your house is safer at night. You wouldn’t want to come home one night from a late night at the office and try to find your keys in pitch black darkness. Worst-case scenario, someone looking to cause danger can easily attack you knowing there is no lighting around.

Lighting around your house can both make it beautiful at night and help protect you in case of any emergency at night. Additionally, adding security lights to your home can add to your home’s value, a win win for all.

Brainstorming the Process:

While you may have seen enough HGTV episodes to give your home a makeover, having another brain and pair of eyes to design what the outside of your home will look like is a great way to be get creative. Maybe you have an idea, the outdoor lighting experts can enhance it and make sure your home is lit up the best way possible. Or maybe the opposite happens, you have an idea that perhaps will not work, but the experts can help still bring it life. Either way, getting to brainstorm with experienced individuals can really make the project come alive and into fruition at your home.


If outdoor lighting experts help create your perfect outdoor lighting scheme, it saves you the cost of having to purchase lights, maybe even the wrong ones, and try to figure it out yourself. You can set a budget and follow it accordingly to make sure you create an affordable, yet beautiful lighting landscape.

Saves time and energy:

With our busy lives, imagine trying to spend minutes, hours, and even days dedicated to adding lights to your home. If you try to accomplish this feat on your own, it will take you much longer than you intend it to take. Who knows, maybe you will even leave the project halfway or even worse, break or destroy your home or lawn in the process of trying to be an electrician. It is easier to leave it to the outdoor lighting experts and make sure everything is done smoothly and properly.

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October 7, 2019
American National Sprinkler & Lighting offers landscape lighting services - garden lighting.

Why Go Local?

Choosing which landscape lighting service to use can be a difficult process after deciding you want to light up your home at night. While you start researching different companies, the best route you can take for the process is going local. Working with a local company has plenty of advantages that can benefit your home in ways you did not even think about.

For example, choosing a local landscape lighting services company means having people who are closer to your home in case of anything. Whether it is an emergency that needs a quick fix or a simple consultation, having a company that is a short drive away can make all the difference when you are trying to start and complete this process.

Working with a landscape lighting services company near your home also means it is an easier way to contact them. Perhaps having that local touch means you can just call or text the person you are working with. It is completely different from working with a large company who might not even answer your phone call and if you do, you will be put on hold for about three hours. Do you really want that kind of service when you can just reach out to someone who is nearby?


Having a landscape lighting services company nearby is simply, more convenient. They already know the best places to find the light you need to make your home beautiful. They know the area and probably can find discounts and cheaper services for what you and your home require. Having the main office close to you, and not a satellite office, can provide better customer support and a more efficient journey as you add lighting services to your home.

Finally, it takes out any hassle and frustrations of either trying to do it yourself or hire someone who does not really know what they are doing. You could cause more harm than good in adding lighting services to your home.

Who to Choose: American National Sprinkler & Lighting

If you want to lose the hassle of having to plan and execute creating the perfect landscape lighting for your home, choose the local outdoor light experts at American National Sprinkler & Lighting. Their understanding of landscape lighting systems and what it needs to help your lawn reach its full potential, can completely transform what you call home.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting specializes in outdoor lighting for your home’s exterior, landscaping, pathways, gardens, and patios. If you want lighting for security purposes, they can ensure a both functional and beautiful solution for your home. They offer a free quote to personalize their services to your needs to make sure you get the best experience and outcome possible.

Their work with landscape lighting includes lighting trees, highlighting shrubbery, and even making sure your garden looks great at night as well. If you have any art, statues, and décor in your yard, their expertise can make sure every nook and cranny of your yard is lit up and highlighted long after the sun goes down.

They also specialize in LED fixtures, colored lights, and low voltage exterior lighting to remain under budget and still eco-friendly. For an added detail to your home, they also feature lights to highlight features in your yard like fountains, arts, and other unique home features. Overall, they can provide you with a full-service home lighting system that can really impact your home.

With their expertise and resources, transform your home today and light it up in ways you never thought it could! Connect with us using our Contact Form or call us today at (847) 388-0321 to get started today!