Accenting Your Landscape with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Accenting Your Landscape with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Brighten Up Your Landscape

Imagine you have been working on your new home or you are renovating it, only to realize your house only looks fantastic during the day. Do not forget to add low voltage landscape lighting to your house’s front and back yard so it is beautiful at night as well. With the added touch of low voltage landscape lighting, you can make your home just as inviting at night like it is during the day. The various features that makes low voltage landscape lighting stand out can transform your house instantly.

Technically, low voltage landscape lighting is a lighting system that uses a transformer to reduce normal line voltage from 12 to 24 volts. In layman’s terms, it means it is useful delivering light to tight spaces, difficult-to-access area. It is great for landscapes and lighting applications to best accentuate your home.

Adding landscape accent lighting to your home can add security and a beautiful impact you cannot recreate any other way. Applying this landscaping technique can make your house look great at night!

American National Sprinkler & Lighting can set up a low voltage landscape lighting system to highlight plants and trees like this.

Why Choose Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

For various features and reasons, low voltage landscape lighting is great for highlight accent lighting in your front and back yard. Spots such as trees, plants, and fountains can be accentuated with low voltage landscape lighting to offer a feature called uplighting. Uplighting is a popular lighting effect that is created by placing the lighting fixtures on the floor and pointing them up, hence why it is called uplighting. It is a great way to dramatically improve the ambience of your front or back yard.

Combine uplighting with low voltage landscape lighting’s ability to have smaller lights in tighter spaces, and your yard can accentuate any features you want highlighted at night. Additionally, low voltage landscape lighting’s wires can be buried underground so it will not disturb anything else in your home. You can consider it a safe and practical option for your yard!

Additionally, using low voltage landscape lighting is easy and simple, since it does not have any dangerous electrical wires that can shock you or cause any injury. Remember, the few wires that it has can easily be buried underground to make your yard easily accessible and safe. Because of this, having low voltage landscape lighting is less permanent and easy to re-arrange if one day you decide your yard needs a makeover.

Due to its size and lack of hard wires, low voltage landscape lighting tends to be on the lower cost end of things. Since they are cheaper, it is easier and cheaper to get more of them to uplight your yard.

Our low voltage landscape lighting systems can illuminate plants, trees, and paths.

Ways to Uplight Your Yard

With the features provided by low voltage landscape lighting, it is important to use it to its full potential. Lighting up features in your backyard can give it the final touch you need to have a beautiful and inviting home in the neighborhood.

When considering using landscape accent lighting, think about these few tips before you begin your outdoor project. Do not just point the light up to the sky, because you will waste energy doing this. It makes no sense to uplight the sky, there are the moon and the stars for that already! Additionally, when you do plan to put the lights outside, remember to make sure the light is not pointing at someone’s face when they pass by. Nothing is worse than being momentarily blinded by a light that could be pointing at a tree and not your face.

If you are ready to use low voltage landscape lighting to add landscape accent lighting to your house, here are a few ways to uplight your yard and make sure your garden and landscaping can be seen even when the moon is out.

Trees: The most common form of uplighting is to aim a direct light at the trunk or canopy of any tree in your landscape. To include outdoor uplighting for trees can help accentuate any fascinating tree you have that you want to be seen at night. If you have a tree that has an open structure, place the landscape accent lighting near the base so the light can illuminate the inside of the branches.

Trees that are heavier or denser should be lit from the outside of the canopy so the light can highlight the outside of the tree. You wouldn’t want to waste a light shining inside the tree that might not be seen! That way, you and any guests can really appreciate the enormity of the tree.

Path: Lighting a path at night is the easiest way to visibly see your home and see where you are going; this is especially helpful for guests who have never been to your house. It is best to line up a few lights along the driveway or path to the door to help everyone see where they are going.

Plants: Unlike trees, plants are smaller and more colorful – two features worthy of being lit for. This rings especially true if gardening is your hobby and you want to highlight your favorite plant. It is best to position the light close to the base of the plants that you want to highlight or angle the light if you want to create shadows. Using low voltage landscape lighting can add a soft look to your plants so they are just as beautiful at night.

Fountains: To create a dramatic effect, uplight a fountain to highlight the details of it, as well as the water flowing through it. It can create a wonderful impact on your yard to see the beauty of a fountain filled with lights so it can be appreciated in the dark. In fact, uplighting a fountain is a great way to highlight it and actually make it the centerpiece of your yard. It might even look prettier at night than it does during the day!

Get Started with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

If the idea of planning and executing landscape accent lighting for your home seems too overwhelming, why not get an outdoor professional lighting expert like American National Sprinkler & Lighting? Our understanding of outdoor lighting, and what it needs to help your house reach it's full potential, can completely transform             your home.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting specializes in outdoor lighting such as the home’s exterior, landscaping, pathways, gardens, and patios. If you want lighting for security purposes, they can ensure a both functional and beautiful solution for your home. We offer a free quote to personalize our services to your needs to make sure you get the best experience and outcome possible.

We can incorporate low voltage landscape lighting to your plans so you can be cost-efficient and practical. Additionally, our products are made with high quality materials for long lasting systems that hold up to any wear and tear.

With our expertise and resources, your home can become the envy of the whole neighborhood! Call us today to schedule a free quote or fill out our contact form to connect with us!