Long Grove Landscape Lighting

Long Grove is a charming, natural area. Many of the historic elements of its past have been preserved into the present. This is largely because the village has strict ordinances designed to protect historic features.

Everything from fences to street lights, to sidewalks are coordinated to maintain a lovely historic appearance. You want to maintain the historic qualities of your Long Grove home, but you’d love to light your home in the evening. Long Grove Landscape Lighting can make your home as beautiful at night as it is during the day, without hurting the historic appeal.

Long Grove History

Long Grove has been in existence since the 1800s. Many of the historic buildings and homes from that time are still in existence today. Long Grove was settled by German farmers who came to town to buy their supplies.

Since then, it has been a residential area with little commerce. One of the things that makes Long Grove most unique is how early interest was taken in it's quaint, charming appearance. This area has been largely preserved since the 1800s.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - Long Grove landscape lighting system was installed on this home to provide safety from animals and people.

Preserving Long Grove

Many homes and businesses still stand today throughout Long Grove, with plaques recognizing how important they are to the history of the area. As the town evolved and became a tourist destination and a coveted place to live, fine restaurants and all kinds of merchants found their way into the area, but the historic features of this town remained protected. Since the beginning, historic charm has mattered to this town and its residents.

Living in Long Grove

Long Grove is a popular tourist destination, especially for festivals and concerts. The Chocolate Fest, Strawberry Fest, and Apple Fest all draw lots of people. Outdoor music festivals throughout the year pull in diverse crowds from all over the country.

Residents of Long Grove appreciate their town's charming nature and celebrate the hometown living that draws tourists. Maintaining historic architecture is extremely important to the residents of this town. It is also important for people in Long Grove to maintain historic appropriateness in the landscape.

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Long Grove Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can make your beautiful Long Grove home as attractive at night as it is during the day, as well as having a number of other benefits. Here are some considerations in lighting your Long Grove home.

Show Off Your Beautiful House

Throughout Long Grove, there are absolutely beautiful homes with charming architecture and elegant landscaping on large Lots. You probably put a lot of time and effort into making your home look its best during the day, so why not make sure it looks great in the evening?

Landscape lighting can accentuate the best parts of your home. Do you have charming brickwork on the face of your home? Landscape lighting that shines up onto the brick can emphasize it, creating a stately effect. Pools of light on various aspects of your home can create a charming appearance of homeliness that you'll love coming back to every evening.

Show Off Your Landscaping

Throughout Long Grove, there are large homes on large lots with lots of attractive landscaping. There aren't very many overgrown lawns or shrubs in these neighborhoods. Shrubs are shapely and trimmed and lawns are sprawling fields.

Landscape lighting can draw attention to the lushness of grass fading off into the distance or emphasize the structure of topiaries. Many homes throughout Long Grove have gorgeous signature trees, some of them perhaps hundreds of years old. Shining landscape lighting up into the tree branches or down from the tree are beautiful ways to emphasize the majesty of your signature trees.

Increase the Functionality of Your Outdoor Space

One of the reasons why you’ve probably chosen to live in Long Grove because you enjoy the outdoors. Throughout Long Grove, porches, big yards, and opportunities to enjoy and appreciate outdoor time are common.

Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to make your outside space more functional. Bring the party outside with a beautifully lit patio. Encourage nighttime stroll through the garden with lovely path lighting. Draw guests out with gorgeous illumination on signature pieces like fountains and statues. Landscape lighting can do so much to make you love your outside spaces.

Long Grove Landscape for Safety

Some of the most charming aspects of Long Grove are the agricultural fields, wide-open grassy areas, forests, and ponds. Many homes in Long Grove have backyards that open out onto a golf course, forest, field or pond. This makes for lovely views, but unfortunately, it also can be a risk for safety.

Safety from Animals

The extensive wild and forested area around Long Grove makes it an ideal habitat for all kinds of animals. You may find it wonderful to see a deer or migrating birds out your back door.

However, in the evening, wild animals might pose a risk to your family. Raccoons, bobcats, or even cougars could find their way into your backyard from the wilderness. These animals may cause havoc with your trash or other property. They may also pose a real threat to your family or pets.

Wild animals stick to the darkness for safety. Lights along the barrier of your property will deter animals from coming on to it. Landscape lights can be set to be motion-activated, which will surely startle any wild animal that sets them off. If you want to make sure that your property is safe from wild animals at night, landscape lights are a great solution.

Safety from People

Long Grove is a beautiful, affluent area. It's a charming place to live, but unfortunately, it may also be a target for thieves. Burglars may find it tempting to creep through the wilderness at the back of your property.

Landscape lights will deter criminals. You'll be more likely to see somebody trying to break in with landscape lights. If you have a security camera set up, more will be revealed with landscape lights than without them.

Can You Maintain Historical Value with Landscape Lighting?

If you are a resident of Long Grove, you care about the historic value of your home and property. In fact, in many parts of Long Grove, you need to maintain a certain level of historical accuracy in your renovations and decorations.

You'll be glad to learn that you can maintain charming historical value with landscape lighting. Here are a few ways that landscape lighting can add to, not detract from, your property's historical charm:

  • Replicate moonlight. Landscape lighting shining down from trees, with branches cutting between the light and the ground, imitate the appearance of a moonlit night. What could be more lovely for an evening stroll through your historic garden?
  • Old-fashioned lamp posts. Landscape lighting can replicate old-fashioned lamp posts and hanging lanterns, making your property look like it is lit by candles and gas, just like in 1800. Modern lighter looks the same but is much more convenient and safer.
  • Wall lighting. Hidden lights that subtly wash walls will make you notice the brick or stonework, not think about the electricity used to light them. A skilled landscape lighter knows how to install subtle lighting that blends in perfectly with the feel of your home.
  • Light flower beds. Lights hidden among the flower beds enable your flowers to provide the same sort of sweet charm at night as they do during the day.
  • Historic features. Features like statues, fountains, and arbors deserve the spotlight. Gentle lighting on historic features will draw attention to the historic nature of your home, not detract from it.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

There are plenty of kits for light installation available, so you may wonder whether you should install your Long Grove landscape lighting yourself or hire a professional. Many residents of Long Grove enjoy gardening and there is a tendency towards a do-it-yourself nature, but there are some good reasons to choose a professional instead:

  • Save money. You may pay more initially to have lights installed by a professional, but you'll save in maintenance cost and electricity since professionals know how to install the lights using as few lights as possible and with quality that won't need maintenance for years to come.
  • Historic preservation. That imitation lantern may look great on the box, but you may be very disappointed by the effect when you light it. Professionals know how to install lighting that really does preserve the historic quality of your home.
  • Effectiveness. If you want landscape lighting that deters criminals or animals, lights spaces effectively and looks great, you'll want a professional to make sure things are installed as effectively as possible.

Choose American National Sprinkler and Lighting for Your Long Grove Landsacpe Lighting

If you want landscape lighting that'll make your Long Grove home look as beautiful at night as it does in the daytime, American National Sprinkler & Lighting can help. We've been installing gorgeous landscape lighting in this unique area for many years, and we know just how to make your home look its best in the evening.