Why You Should Consider a Hydrawise Smart Controller Sprinkler System

Advantages of Choosing a Hydrawise Smart Controller

Hydrawise Smart Controllers take watering your lawn and garden to a new level. Whether you already have an automatic sprinkler or you are looking to install a sprinkler for the first time, the Hydrawise Smart Controller is well worth looking into. Here's what you need to know about why you should consider this smart controller and what it has to offer your property.

Why Use a Smart Controller?

Healthier Lawns & Gardens

To thrive, your lawn and garden need just the right amount of water. Too much water, and your plants may rot or be more likely to be infested with pests like slugs and snails. Too little water, and your plants will become dry and stressed, making disease and pest infestation more likely.
A smart controller sources local weather data with incredible accuracy and uses that information to decide whether to water or not or how much water to provide. This kind of predictive watering ensures that your plants will get the water that they need when the weather forecast is dry but that they won't be overwatered when rain is in the forecast.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - a sprinkler head coming out of the grass watering the lawn that is being controlled by a Hydrawise smart controller.

Save Money and Be Kind to the Environment

Watering your lawn and garden before a rainstorm is akin to throwing money out the window. If you've ever seen the sprinklers come on in the midst of a rainstorm, you know how wasteful and frustrating it feels. A smart controller knows when it is going to rain so it will keep you from wasting water and money by watering unnecessarily. In fact, a smart controller is capable of saving you as much as 50% in water savings compared to not using an intelligent system.

Because the Hydrawise Smart Controller works by controlling various zones of your garden, you can water more or less depending on the specific needs of the plants in various areas. Perhaps your lawn needs more regular watering than a mulched flower bed. A drought-resistant ground cover or planted area may need even less water. Adjusting zones according to the plants’ specific needs ensures that each plant gets the water it needs without wasting money or over-watering.

If you have weekly water restrictions, you can also adjust the length of watering to meet those restrictions without adjusting the frequency of watering. This is a wonderful way to stay within the limit while keeping your plants hydrated enough to survive the drought.

Peace of Mind

Hydrawise works with a convenient app that you can access from your computer, phone, or tablet to monitor the irrigation controller and manage its functioning from wherever you might be. The smart controller is equipped with an optional flow meter that will automatically alert you if a leak occurs or if a pipe is broken. That way, you can have the problem addressed before it results in serious issues for your water bill, home or garden. You can also see that your system is wired properly to ensure that it is running at its best at a glance.

Integration with Home Systems

Your smart controller will integrate fluidly with a variety of smart home products like Alexa, Control4, and HomeSeer to add your lawn and garden to your complete home control. You can tell Alexa or your smart home product of choice to start or stop watering for whichever zone you like for a specified time.

Control Over Your Watering

A Hydrawise Smart Controller can tell you at a glance just how much water has been used and how much you have saved by the intelligent weather-predicting algorithms. It is extremely easy to understand these advanced reports using a calendar view that clearly shows water usage over time. You can also have an account of your garden’s water usage minute by minute.

If you are watching your budget or concerned about the impact of your water use on the environment, this kind of information can let you know whether you are using more water than you're comfortable with and whether planting more drought-resistant plants may be a good choice.

How Does a Hydrawise Smart Controller Work?

Hydrawise has a unique way of predicting the weather and adjusting water schedules accordingly. It creates a unique virtual weather station using the geographic location of your specific controller. This weather station is highly advanced and tailored to your exact area. It uses an incredible array of data points to calculate an accurate weather prediction:

  • Complex algorithms. A great degree of programming has gone into creating a weather prediction system that is highly accurate.
  • Satellite data. This smart controller has access to information from satellites like radar to predict when a storm is likely to come near.
  • Nearby physical weather stations. Your local weather stations are working hard to predict the weather, so the Hydrawise Smart Controller takes advantage of their data to inform its decisions as well.
  • Atmospheric data. Using data collected from nearby airplanes, the smart controller develops a clear sense of atmospheric pressure and other data to predict whether rain is likely.
  • Pressure readings. The smart controller collects data from mobile phones about local pressure to inform an extremely localized prediction of rain likelihood.

Advantages of a Smart Controller Over Manual Watering

If you currently hand water your lawn and garden or turn sprinklers on and off manually, you may wonder whether an intelligent system is really advantageous to you or whether it is just a gimmick. Here are just a few of the reasons why an intelligent system is a good idea for any lawn and garden:

  • Water when it's best for your plants. Unless you wake up very early every morning, you may be missing the ideal opportunity to water your plants. Watering early in the morning gives plants the hydration they need to handle the hottest part of the day and reduces evaporation, which saves water.
  • Your garden is covered when you're away. Trusting a friend or neighbor to water plants while you're on vacation is harrowing. By contrast, using a smart controller ensures that your lawn and garden will continue to receive ideal watering even when you aren't there to control watering.
  • Save water. Even if you check the weather before watering, you are unlikely to be as accurate as the Hydrawise Smart Controller weather prediction. Watering when it isn't necessary is a waste of money and can also cause your plants to suffer disease or pests by being waterlogged.
  • Watering zones. If you are trying to water different parts of your garden differently without an intelligent system, you either need to do it manually or turn a number of different sprinklers on and off, which is a waste of time and effort and unlikely to be as effective as a smart controller.

Choosing a Contractor for Your Smart Controller

Your smart controller will only work properly if it is installed correctly. You need a professional, Hunter Hydrawise preferred contractor to install your sprinkler system. They will also be able to provide service as soon as your system needs it, even if you don't notice a notification.

Hydrawise alerts both you and your contractor to electrical system and flow monitoring alerts. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you can be confident that your system will be fixed in good time. Here are some things to look for to help you choose the ideal contractor for the installation of your smart controller:

  • Experienced. You want somebody who has been installing sprinkler systems for some time. At least a decade in the industry is preferable, and more years of experience is even better. Ideally, your contractor will have worked with previous generations of smart controller so that they know what is improved about this model and how to help you take advantage of it.
  • A good listener. You value your lawn and garden and want it to look its best, but you also want to save money where possible. You need a contractor who is willing to discuss all of the details of your specific property so that they can establish zones appropriately and advise you on how to plant and water to keep your lawn and garden looking great while saving money.
  • Local and substantial. The contractor that you choose should have offices nearby so that they can arrive promptly to service your unit or take care of any problems if necessary. On the other hand, you want to be sure that you have a contractor that is big enough that someone will always be available to notice notifications that something may have gone wrong with your system and be able to attend to it quickly.

Choose American National Sprinkler & Lighting to Install and Maintain Your Hydrawise Smart Controller

American National Sprinkler and Lighting have been installing and maintaining highly effective sprinkler systems since the early 1980s. We have decades of experience in keeping lawns and gardens looking their best while saving homeowners money. We have extensive experience with Hydrawise and know how to install your smart controller to be as effective as possible for your property.