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At American National, we install every sprinkler system using nothing but the latest irrigation technology. All of our residential and commercial systems are completely self-sufficient, providing the best irrigation with the least amount of effort on your end.

The latest addition to our sprinkler technology is the Pro-HC Hunter wifi sprinkler controller. One of the best sprinkler systems available, this incredible controller is powered by Hydrawise smart technology and allows you to manage every feature of your sprinkler right from your smartphone.

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Best sprinkler system by American National.

Customized Systems

We tailor each system to the individual needs of our clients. Before your system is designed, we go through a thorough evaluation of your property. Our team takes into account the sun exposure, elevation, and plant vs. grass zones of your residential or commercial property to create the best sprinkler system for your landscape.

Expert Installation

Most of our commercial and residential sprinkler systems can be installed in as little as one day. Larger properties and inclement weather may slow the installation process, but we’ll work alongside you and with your schedule to install your sprinkler system as efficiently as we can.

Upon installation, we use state-of-the-art machinery to put in your underground piping with just a small slit in the lawn. With this incredible technology, we’re able to install the best sprinkler system while keeping your landscaping and yard intact.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our sprinkler experts have more than 75 years of combined industry experience. Their expertise will help provide you with the best sprinkler system before, during and after installation. Once your system is installed, we’ll educate you on all the ins and outs of your sprinkler and address ongoing service requests to provide you with the best sprinkler system for years to come.

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