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What are the Benefits of a Yard Irrigation Company?

Yard irrigation systems are the most efficient and effective way to hydrate your lawn without wasteful and costly over watering. With expert installation by a professional yard irrigation company, a watering system can help revive your lawn while saving you valuable time, money and water. Some of the most common benefits for both commercial and residential properties are:

  • Elimination of bulky hoses
  • Watering even while you are away
  • Prevention of under and overwatering
  • Decreased landscaping costs
  • Increased property value

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Common Signs of Underwatering

  • Crisp or wilted blades of grass
  • Dried up soil
  • Grass that is slow to spring back when stepped on
  • Slowed blade growth

Common Signs of Overwatering

  • Limp or wilted blades of grass
  • Thick growth requiring increased mowing
  • Prolonged periods of sogginess

What Irrigation System is Right for Me?

Professional yard irrigation companies can install a wide range of services depending on the nature of your plants and property. Flowers, trees and lawns each require unique care, as do commercial and residential properties. Contact your local yard irrigation company for a customized quote and analysis of your landscape.

A house with in ground sprinklers from a yard irrigation company American National.

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Our yard irrigation company has more than 75 years of professional industry experience. At your first consultation, our expert staff will carefully evaluate your yard’s various elevations, zones and sun exposures to put together a plan that will maximize the health and growth of your landscape. Upon installation, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about your new irrigation system and handle ongoing service requests for years to come.

To talk to a member of our team or to schedule your first appointment, call us at 847.566.0099!

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Andres from American National Sprinkler & Lighting came by yesterday to perform the annual "shut-down" of my sprinkler system. As always, they were on time, professional and finished the job quickly. My system is 10 years old now and I've never had a problem with it, and the support for the system is always right on the mark. I would recommend Andres and ANSL without hesitation to anyone looking for a great systems.

thumb Stan Clement
September 29, 2019