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What are the Benefits of a Lawn Irrigation System?

Lawn irrigation systems are the best way to hydrate your yard without wasteful over watering. With proper installation by a professional lawn irrigation company, a watering system helps keep your lawn green and healthy while saving you water and money. 

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Save water

Does My Yard Need a Watering System?

Irrigation systems nourish your yard with just the right amount of water, in the rights areas, at the right time – making them the perfect solution for both under- or over-watered yards. Common signs of an under-watered yard include: 

  • Dry soil
  • Slow blade growth
  • Wilted or crisp blades
  • Grass that is slow to spring back when stepped on

On the flip side, overwatering can be just as, if not more, harmful to your yard. Too much water makes your yard susceptible to diseases like root rot, moss, powdery mildew and brown patch lawn disease. Signs of an over-watered yard include:

  • Wilted or limp blades
  • Thick growth, often requiring increased mowing
  • Lawn is soggy for a long period of time
Front yard sprinkler heads in action from a lawn irrigation company.

Talk To A Professional Today

Our system continues to work great, and we always appreciate getting the phones calls to let us know when it is time to schedule the opening and the closing of our system. Andres and his partner do a terrific job putting our system to bed in the fall, and opening it up again in the spring, noting any work that might need to happen before we can begin to water again the next season.

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October 16, 2019
A residential sprinkler system from a lawn irrigation company.

What Watering Schedule is Right for Me?

Two major factors affect the recommended watering schedule  for your yard - the age of your lawn and the time of year.

Existing Lawns

Existing lawns have more established, stronger  roots than newly laid sod, therefore requiring less water.

  • Water every other day during the spring and fall
  • Water 5-6 times a week during the summer
  • Ideal watering time between 3-6am and 6-8pm

Fresh Sod

Newly seeded areas require more frequent watering, especially during the grow-in period.

  • For the first few weeks, water twice a day
  • After grow-in period, decrease to once a day
  • Ideal watering time between 3-6am and 6-8pm

Proper Watering Duration

Recommended duration times vary according to the type of sprinkler head. Most professional lawn irrigation companies offer two different sprinkler heads – spray and rotor heads.

  • Spray heads- 5-10 minutes per cycle
  • Rotor heads- 20-30 minutes per cycle
Large house with residential sprinkler system from a lawn irrigation company.

Try a Professional Lawn Irrigation Company

American National Sprinkler & Lighting is your go-to lawn irrigation company that can help you figure out which watering system is is right for your yard. Our friendly and experienced team can answer all of your questions and help you keep your lawn green and healthy. Call us today for a free consultation