Updating Your Sprinkler Controller

Updating Your Sprinkler Controller

A well-installed, high-quality sprinkler system is designed to last for years to come. But while your system will maintain its effectiveness over time, your sprinkler controller should be upgraded periodically.

Upgrading Your Controller is Easy

Whenever you’re ready to update your controller, our team at American National Sprinkler and Lighting is available to walk you through our different controller options and set up an appointment in no time. We’ll happily work around your schedule to book an appointment that fits seamlessly into your busy life. It is our goal to make sure your upgrade is as quick and convenient as possible.

Updating your sprinkler controller with American National can help you maintain a green landscape.

The Benefits of Updating Your Sprinkler Controller

Sprinkler technology is ever-changing and constantly improving to help make caring for your yard as easy, efficient and affordable as possible. By keeping your sprinkler controller up-to-date with the latest technology you can:

  • Save on water thanks to advanced watering schedules
  • Add greater customization to your yard's watering zones
  • Lower your maintenance time
  • Manage your system on-the-go with mobile friendly technology

Meet Our Most Advanced Sprinkler Controller

The Pro-HC Hunter wifi sprinkler controller is the latest addition to our expansive offering of sprinkler technology. This state-of-the-art controller is powered by Hydrawise smart technology to let you manage every feature of your sprinkler system right from your smart device.

Why Choose a Wifi Controller?

  • Manage your system anywhere, anytime
  • Enjoy an easy-to-use, touchscreen interface
  • Enable multiple programs with a single controller 
  • Choose the exact times for your watering cycles
  • Easily identify your watering zones with pictures
  • Link your system to American National for immediate and adjustments
  • Keep track of how much water you've used
  • Save water with predictive watering that adjusts the amount used based on the weather forecast

Update Your Sprinkler Controller

Enjoy the benefits of a Wifi controller

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For more information on updating your sprinkler controller, or to set up an appointment to install your new controller, contact our team at American National.