Why Lawn Sprinkler Systems Matter For Your Home!

Why Lawn Sprinkler Systems Matter For
Your Home!

Lawn Sprinkler Systems And The Importance of Water

The benefits of lawn irrigation should fuel the argument for the installation of a reliable lawn sprinkler system. Any avid gardener knows that water is the source of life and vitally important if you want a lush lawn. It helps in the dissolving of nutrients and minerals so that they can easily be absorbed.

Water also fuels the photosynthesis process and helps to strengthen the structure of the grass. Proper irrigation prevents sparse growth, dead patches of lawn, and the invasion of weeds. Keep in mind that too much or too little water can lead to a weak root system and make it easier for the invasion of weeds and unwanted pests. A timer can be set for automatic watering at certain hours and certain days of the week, allowing for perfect control of how much water is used.

Patch of grass freshly watered

This can cut back dramatically on the cost of water bills. Installing an irrigation system will also allow for precise location and distribution of the water supply, meaning that nothing is wasted. As the seasons change, the timer can be set accordingly, allowing for increased or reduced delivery of water for the specific time of the year. One of the many bonuses of this system is efficient time management.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Save You Time

An average sized garden can take at least an hour out of a person’s day, simply spent holding a hose to water a relatively small area. Portable sprinkler systems can be forgotten, leading to huge water wastage and poor distribution, leaving some areas soaked and other areas too dry. Your most important asset is time and you will save a ton of it when you get your own automated sprinkler system.

Pop up sprinklers make it easy to mow the grass without fear of damaging the sprinkler heads. Be sure to mow regularly to keep the grass lush and dense because when left too long and then cut, the strong sunlight can cause yellowing of the individual blades of grass.

A beautiful garden can add value to your home and prospective buyers will be very excited to hear that an automatic sprinkler system has been installed. These systems are low maintenance, a monthly check that the heads are working is all that is needed.

Up close view of one of our lawn sprinkler systems.

Well there you have it, some of the many benefits of having your own automated sprinkler system. A fully automated system saves you time, water, and money!

At American National Sprinkler & Lighting we only use the best products for our lawn sprinkler systems. We make sure the system is designed right the first time and when it's completed we have someone come out to show you how to use the system. We also have a 4-year warranty on most of our products so we cover your replacements if needed!

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