Gurnee Landscape Lighting

Why Choose Gurnee Landscape Lighting

Gurnee is a very interesting place to live, from its beautiful homes, its proximity to the Des Plaines River, to attractions like Six Flags and Gurnee Mills. If you live in Gurnee, have you ever considered Gurnee Landscape Lighting for your home? There are a few great reasons to choose landscape lighting for your Gurnee home which you may not have considered.

Gurnee History

Gurnee is a historic town, going back to the 1830s. Early settlers to the area arrived on foot, horseback, or via Schooners that were drawn by oxen on the Erie Canal or the Great Lakes. A floating log bridge was the only way to cross the Des Plaines River for some time until a permanent bridge was established.

When a permanent bridge was built, roads quickly followed, and the town began to grow. A railroad station was built in the area and called Gurnee Station after the 14th Mayor of Chicago. When the township was incorporated, it was incorporated as Gurnee.

Why You Should Consider Gurnee Landscape Lighting?

If you do not have landscape lighting in your Gurnee home, there are some very good reasons to consider it. The best landscape lighting can go a long way to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of your home.

Gurnee Landscape Lighting for Safety from Criminals

Gurnee is home to a couple of huge attractions that draw people from all over Illinois and from surrounding states. The Six Flags Great America has over 100 rides and attractions, including roller coasters and water features.

Gurnee Mills is the largest full-priced and outlet shopping location in all of Illinois. Nearly 200 stores are accessible from indoors. These attractions are surely one of the benefits that you love about living in Gurnee. No matter the weather or time of year, you are a short drive away from a day of fun.

However, having these massive attractions within Gurnee has some downsides as well. Crime rates may be increased by as much as 198% in neighborhoods within a mile of a park that attracts more than 9 million visitors a year. While it isn't clear exactly how many visitors the Six Flags and Gurnee Mills attract, it is reasonable to believe that the numbers are very high. While the study did not cover areas outside of a mile, it is reasonable to believe areas outside of this area may also be affected by increased crime rates.

The possibility of increased crime in this area is a very good reason to consider landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can be a powerful deterrent for criminals. People who are scanning potential homes to rob are likely to keep looking if your home is very well lit. The closer you live to Six Flags or Gurnee Mills, the more important landscape lighting may be, but it is likely to be a wise choice wherever you live in Gurnee.

Landscape Lighting Can Deter Wildlife From Your Property

The Des Plaines River cuts through the east side Gurnee. A walking trail runs along the entire length of the river. There are also several smaller lakes near the main river. If you live in Gurnee, you may enjoy walking along this trail or fishing in the lakes or river.

However, there can be a less fortunate effect of living so near this major river. Wildlife may use the river and the wild area surrounding it to travel through the town. While you’d probably be delighted to see an otter or geese and ducks, you are likely to be less excited to find possums, raccoons, or even larger wildlife like coyotes on your property.

These animals can be pests by getting into your garbage or destroy your landscaping. Larger predators may even be a threat to pets or children. Landscape lighting is a safe, harmless way to deter animals from coming onto your property and encourage them to stick to the wild areas around the river. Lighting that is on all evening is a strong deterrent, and lighting that is motion-activated can deter even wildlife that may have become acclimated to lighting that is constantly on.

Gurnee Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your Enjoyment of Your Home

You have probably chosen to live in Gurnee, in part, because of the beautiful homes on large lots. Most of the homes in this area have lovely landscaping and wide grassy lawns without fencing. Neighborhoods are studded with mature signature trees and beautifully maintained topiaries.
You probably enjoy spending time in your backyard on the weekends and in the early evenings and love the view of your house and landscaping when you get home at the end of a long day. Gurnee Landscape lighting can do a lot to improve how much you enjoy your home:

Landscape Lighting Can Let You Use Your Outdoor Space Longer

You likely find that you can only enjoy your outdoor space on weekends or in the early hours of the evening when you first come home from work. However, by installing a quality landscape lighting design, you can enjoy your outdoor space for longer.

A beautifully lit backyard seating area or patio is the perfect place to have drinks in the evening, coffee in the morning, or even eat meals. Rather than being chased inside when it starts to get dark, sit outside and listen to the crickets while you enjoy the beautiful views of your charmingly lit landscape.

Landscape Lighting Will Make Your Outdoor Space Attractive All Night

Do you tend to work late? Rather than coming home to a dark house, landscape lighting can enable your house to look beautiful all night long. Why enjoy your sculptured topiaries and brightly colored flower beds only during the daytime?

By using landscape lighting, you can appreciate these features at night as well. Visitors are sure to admire your landscape when they come for evening dinner parties, and they may even be drawn out to wander along beautifully lit trails or admire a charming water feature. Utilizing landscape lighting can make your home as beautiful throughout the evening as it is during the day.

How to Use Landscape Lighting to Imporove Your Home in Gurnee

You may be amazed by all of the different ways that landscape lighting can improve the look and functionality of your home. A professional landscape lighting company can highlight just about every aspect of your home to create stunning results. Here are just a few of the ways that landscape lighting can make your home look its best:

  • Tree lighting. Lighting that shines up into trees can make each one into an artistic element in your yard. Lighting that shines down from the branches can charmingly replicate moonlight.
  • Shrubbery. You work hard to maintain structured shrubs and topiaries, so why not show off their beautiful shape during the evening as well?
  • Flower beds. Landscape lighting can highlight your flower beds so they are as bright and attractive during the night as they are during the day.
  • Pathways. Subtle lighting along pathways will draw you out for a nighttime stroll as well as having the practical benefit of making it a lot safer to bring out the trash or let the dog out in the evening.
  • Patio or trellis. Tasteful lighting on a patio or trellis can create a little niche where you will love to sit and sip a drink in the evening or coffee in the morning.
  • Home exterior. Many of the homes in Gurnee have charming exterior walls of either brick or siding with lots of lovely details. A lighting wash across the exterior can make them look their best.

DIY Landscape Lighting or Hire a Professional?

If you enjoy projects around the house, you may wonder whether you should hire an outdoor lighting company or take care of landscape lighting yourself. There are lots of do-it-yourself systems for you to choose from, which may tempt you to consider installing your own landscape lighting. However, you may find that installing lighting yourself causes more frustrations than is worth your while. Here are just a few of the potential problems:

  • Increased electricity costs. Professionals know how to install low voltage landscape lighting that achieves your lighting goals while using as little electricity as possible, as opposed to do-it-yourself systems which may cost you considerably more to run each month.
  • Inconsistent results. Do-it-yourself systems often have fixtures that are brighter near the power source than they are further from it, leading to landscape lighting that looks inconsistent and is less effective.
  • Fewer options. Professionals have an incredibly wide range of landscape lighting options to offer to complement any home and homeowners’ needs, whereas do-it-yourself systems are usually fairly limited in the options available to you.

Choose American National Sprinkler & Lighting for Your Gurnee Landscape Lighting Needs

American National Sprinkler and Lighting has been installing beautiful lighting systems in Gurnee and surrounding areas for over 30 years. They have an office nearby, making it very convenient for them to install and maintain your system. They know exactly what kind of lighting will work well for your home and are more than happy to take time to discuss your needs to be sure that every detail is exactly how you want it to be.

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