Des Plaines

What Des Plaines Landscape Lighting Can Do for Your Home

Des Plaines is a fascinating place to live, with an international flair thanks to the O'Hare International Airport, nearness to nature in the Des Plaines River, and a general neighborhood feel that can make you forget how near you are to Chicago. Des Plaines landscape lighting is a superb way to get the most from your home and property. Furthermore, the right kind of Des Plaines landscape lighting can help to keep your home safe.

Here's what you need to know about Des Plaines landscape lighting to help you decide whether this is an investment into your property value and enjoyment of your home worth making.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - Lincolnshire landscape lighting was installed in the front of this large home.

About Des Plaines

Des Plaines is a lovely, historic city in Cook County. It’s named for the Des Plaines river, which runs along its east border. The southern border of Des Plaines is the northern border of the O'Hare International Airport. Glenview and Arlington Heights are to the north of Des Plaines. Elk Grove Village is to the southwest.

Des Plaines has the distinction of being the site of the first McDonald's franchise, which opened in 1955. There are plenty of other good places to eat in Des Plaines as well. While the city is largely residential, there are lots of great restaurants along Elmhurst road.

The Euro Grill is a cool Eastern European restaurant with great service and homemade yogurt that customers rave about. New Seoul Korean BBQ Dine in offers big portions of traditional Korean barbecue cooked at table grills, perfect for an outing with lots of family and friends.

Des Plaines has a population of 60,675 as of the last census. It has the zip codes 60016 and 60019.

History of Des Plaines

Des Plaines was originally inhabited by Native American tribes. The river was an important resource for them as it was later for Europeans. When French explorers arrived in the area in the 1830s, they called it the Des Plaines river because they believed the trees in the area looked like European Plane Trees.

By the 1850s, a railroad was planned through the area and a steam powered mill was built next to the river so that trees could be cut into ties for the railroad. The area developed quickly after that. Des Plaines was voted into a city by 1925.

After World War II, it grew even more quickly when the O'Hare International Airport opened up. In 1955, the first McDonald's franchise was opened. in 1984, it was demolished and a replica built on the site. The replica has since been destroyed as well.

Why You Should Consider Des Plaines Landscape Lighting

Deter the Unwanted

There are lots of great things about living near a huge international airport like O'Hare. This airport brings all kinds of interesting international travel and culture into Des Plaines. However, airports are also a source of a lot of people coming and going. Opportunistic criminals may look for an easy target in the neighborhoods around the airport, like Des Plaines.

It's easy for people to move from the airport into the neighborhood, considering it shares a border along the Jane Addams Memorial tollway.

Many of the neighborhoods in Des Plaines have a charming wooded feel, with plenty of trees and shrubbery. Unfortunately, this kind of cover can make it easy for a thief to sneak onto your property undetected. Heavily covered driveways or yards are an invitation to try a car door or a basement window.

Des Plaines landscape lighting is a great way to encourage hopeful thieves to keep looking for an easier target. Great security landscape lighting allows you to enjoy a heavily wooded yard, but know that if someone wanders onto the property, the security lights will turn on.

Good landscape lighting design can also provide lighting that makes your home look beautiful all night while simultaneously deterring thieves. Whether you want motion activated security lighting or quality landscape lighting that maintains security, a good outdoor lighting company can put your mind at rest about your home and family’s security in Des Plaines.

Keep Unwanted Nocturnal Animals off of Your Property

One of the great things about living in Des Plaines is how much natural space is around, despite being so near to Chicago and one of the largest airports in the country. Forested natural areas surround the Des Plaines River, including the Iroquois woods, the Chippewa woods, and the Kloempken Prairie. Busse woods, to the west of Des Plaines, is also a huge wilderness area, nearly as large as the city itself, surrounding the sprawling Busse Lake.

All of this wilderness is lovely when there are songbirds at your bird feeder and even the occasional sighting of a deer or wild turkey. However, when there are raccoons, possums, or even coyotes wandering onto your property at night, you may want to look into an outdoor light contractor.

Des Plaines landscape lighting is the perfect way to keep unwanted nocturnal wildlife off of your property without having to do anything that might also deter the desirable wildlife you see during the daytime. Landscape lighting that illuminates lower branches of trees and the perimeter means that animals have nowhere to seek cover on your property, so they'll keep walking.

Enjoy Your Home More With Des Plaines Landscape Lighting

As a rule, the residents of Des Plaines are people who enjoy their property and have fun spending time outside. While the lot and homes aren't huge, neighborhoods are typically made up of grassy lawns and plenty of mature trees, with few fences to break up the park-like feel throughout the front yards.

Des Plaines landscape lighting will help you enjoy every aspect of your home more. Here are just a few examples of landscape lighting ideas to enrich your experience of your Des Plaines home:

  • With gentle porch and patio lighting, you'll find yourself wandering onto the patio to drink your coffee in the morning or lingering after dinner as the sun goes down. Patio lighting that comes on automatically as the sun goes down means you'll never have to come home to a dark house again.
  • Lighting that illuminates paths and walkways makes it much more pleasant to take a stroll around your property at night. This kind of lighting can also be a huge safety feature, keeping you from stumbling on snowy or icy walkways when you bring out the trash in winter.
  • Pools of light cast upon beautiful aspects of landscaping or favorite features of your house can make you appreciate your home like you never have before. Why should you only enjoy a meticulously planted and maintained flowerbed during the day? Use landscape lighting so you can appreciate those colors at night as well.
  • Why should the fun stop when the sun sets? Gentle lighting cast down from trees or out from shrubs or walkways can provide just enough light for you to keep playing with kids or pets or enjoying an outside gathering at night.

Should You Choose Professional Des Plaines Landscape Lighting?

Residents of Des Plaines take a lot of pride in taking care of their homes. Many people in this community love taking on a do-it-yourself project. So should landscape lighting be something you put on your to-do list, or should you look for a landscape lighting company?

There are all kinds of great things you can do to improve your property yourself, but landscape lighting may not be the best one to take on. Landscape lighting fixtures vary dramatically in quality. The landscape lights that you can get at big box stores or online are likely not the highest quality so they will become weathered and fail much sooner.

Furthermore, wiring is extremely important in landscape lighting. When wired incorrectly, lights further from the plug will be dimmer, which can ruin the entire effect.

Finally, good landscape lighting is an art as well as a science. The best landscape lighting professionals know just how to lay lights out to make your home look its best, without ever casting unwanted light into your neighbors’ homes or into the street.

What Should I Look For In Landscape Lighting Near Me?

American National Sprinkler & Lighting has been installing the highest quality landscape lighting in Des Plaines and throughout Chicago and the North Shore since 1984. We've grown from a small office to a complete sprinkler and lighting company with over 40 vehicles, 80 employees, and a 13,000 square foot facility.

We have the personnel, equipment, and expertise to get the job done right, but we still bring a customer centered philosophy to everything we do. Our goal is to install landscape lighting for you once and support you throughout a lifetime of enjoying it.

We will listen to your landscape lighting ideas and talk to you about exactly what we can do to highlight what you like most about your home and help you to get the most from your property. If you want the best landscape lighting services to make your Des Plaines home look it's best, get in touch with American National Sprinkler & Lighting today.