Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting

If you live in Arlington Heights, you probably appreciate the beautiful architecture, sprawling grassy yards, and tree-lined streets. If you've never thought about Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting, it is definitely worth your consideration.

Arlington Heights is a charming suburb not far from the banks of Lake Michigan. It is a beautiful area rich in natural greenery and parks. There are over four large parks within the boundaries of Arlington Heights and it borders the expansive Busse Woods. Landscape lighting can benefit your property in a number of important ways, improving the functionality, aesthetics, and safety of your home.

History of Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights has a long and fascinating history, starting when the land began to be sold in the 1830s. It was originally a town called Dunton, and Dunton Avenue is now the mark of where the suburb is split east and west.

Over time, the little town grew from primarily a produce-farming area to mostly exporting dairy products. In 1887 it incorporated as Arlington Heights. Since then, it has continued to grow. It has changed from a primarily farm and dairy region to an affluent suburb.

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What Can Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting Do For Your Home?

Emphasize Your Home's Character

Arlington Heights is full of beautiful homes, each a bit different than every other. Whether you have a charming brick home full of character or a sweet cottage with shiplap and a natural stone chimney, you can probably think of the features that make your home unique.

Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting can draw attention to what makes your home special. Why allow your home’s charm to vanish at dawn and dusk and over the evening? Landscape lighting can highlight features like a beautiful entryway or shapely topiaries.

Whether you want a look that is charming and sweet like the effect of lanterns placed along a path or in an entryway or you want a dramatic wash across walls, you can create just the character you want using landscape lighting.

Increase the Functionality of Your Home

Each Arlington Heights home is a little different, but one thing that the vast majority have in common is plenty of outdoor space. This is a community that seems to love nature and being outside.

Unfortunately, since so many of us work until the light is almost gone in the evenings and have to be at work soon after sunrise in the mornings, we may not get as much time to enjoy our outdoor spaces as we would like. Landscape lighting can illuminate your outdoor spaces so that you can enjoy them as much in the evening as you do during the day.

Try having drinks or dinner outside on the patio instead of sticking to the dining room every night. Consider a garden party so that you won't have to worry about cleaning up after guests in your home. You may find that with landscape lighting, your living space dramatically increases by allowing you to make better use of your outdoor spaces.

Protection from Crime

Unfortunately, like other beautiful and affluent areas in the suburbs of Illinois, Arlington Heights can be a target for crime. It is all too easy for criminals to stroll down these gorgeous streets and look for opportunities to get up to no good.

Since the vast majority of homes in Arlington Heights do not have fences in their front yards, there is little to stop a thief from walking right up to a front window under the cover of darkness. Lots of tree cover and landscaping provide shelter for thieves.

While you probably love having so many parks in Arlington Heights and having access to the sweeping Busse Woods just outside of town, these natural areas can also form an unfortunate advantage point for thieves. Criminals can camp out in these natural areas and watch the surrounding homes, looking for an opportunity.

You can make sure that your home does not become a target by installing the best landscape lighting for crime deterrence. Landscape lighting can turn on when someone moves in your front yard, highlighting the criminal and making them think twice about continuing.

Keeping landscape lighting on all evening can be a strong deterrent to crime. Criminals are much less likely to choose a well-lit home than a darker one. Landscape lighting makes it difficult for thieves to tell whether somebody is home or not. It is very likely that if your home is one of a few that are well-lit on the outside, it will likely not become their target of choice.

Sell Your Home Faster

If you are trying to sell your Arlington Heights home, you probably devote a fair amount of time and effort to making your home look it's best. From keeping the inside clean for every showing to making sure the landscaping is immaculate, every detail counts when you are trying to sell your home.

If you are not highlighting the best features of your property with Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting, you are missing an opportunity to make an impression.

Often, when people are looking for a new home, they cruise through the neighborhoods where they may like to buy. Since most people work during the day, they are likely to do their house hunting in the late afternoon and early evening.

Highlighting your home and, “For Sale,” sign with landscape lighting will help it to stand out and attract attention. Furthermore, potential homebuyers will see your landscape lighting as an investment into the home. A home with beautiful landscape lighting is perceived to be completely finished and move-in ready.

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October 16, 2019

How Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your Home

Landscape lighting is extremely diverse, with nearly endless ways to accent aspects of your home. Here are just a few of the ways that landscape lighting can make your home look its best when daylight fades:

  • Pathways. Whether you want to highlight your front walk or you want to create the effect of a path through your yard using pools of light, pathway lighting can encourage charming nighttime strolls.
  • Perimeter. Lighting around your perimeter can have the dual purpose of creating a beautiful backdrop for your garden and also deterring thieves since they would have to cut through the lit area to access your property.
  • Garden. Do you have beautifully shaped topiaries or a bright and colorful flower bed? Garden lighting can highlight what makes your garden beautiful in the daytime in the evening as well.
  • Trees. Lighting shooting up a trunk can make an artistic sculpture of a tree's bark and lower branches. Lighting coming down from the tree can replicate the effect of moonlight.
  • Patio. Effective patio lighting can make the space as useful in the evening as it is in the daytime. Whether you want the effect of little lanterns hanging around your patio or you want house walls or fencing to be washed with light, there are a number of beautiful ways to light up your patio.
  • Water features. Water features like ponds and fountains can be some of the most charming aspects of your garden, so why not enjoy them at night as well? Illuminating tumbling water from a fountain or the depths of a pond can make water features even more interesting at night.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Outdoor lighting installation may seem relatively straightforward, especially when you consider all of the do-it-yourself kits that are available from big box stores. However, installing landscape lighting right isn't as simple as it may seem.

Wires have to be buried deep enough that they won't be affected by gardening activities. Hiding lighting fixtures or choosing fixtures that look charming in your space may be difficult.

Too often, home-done landscape lighting looks cluttered and crooked. The fixtures that you can get in do-it-yourself kits are frequently fairly low quality. Low-quality fixtures cost more to run, burn out sooner, and tend to cast inconsistent light, causing the effect to look different from the various fixtures.

Hiring a quality outdoor lighting company like American National ensures that you are getting the highest quality fixtures that will last a long time. We have been installing top-quality landscape lighting since 1984.

Our professional team has installed landscape lighting in thousands of homes, so we know exactly how to take your ideas and turn them into beautiful and effective lighting. We know just how to work with your space to create the ideal lighting for your needs. Our low-voltage landscape lighting will save you money over doing it yourself in the long run.

Choose the Best Arlington Heights Landscape Lighting For Your Home

If you live in beautiful Arlington Heights, you want your home to look as good and be as functional for your needs as possible. American National Sprinkler & Lighting is happy to work with you on every detail to create stunning effects that can increase the value of your home, wow neighbors, and make you enjoy coming home every night a bit more. Contact us today to get a free quote!