Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting

Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting Can Dramatically Improve Your Property

Rolling Meadows landscape lighting can make your property beautiful and improve its functionality as well. You may be amazed by all of the ways that landscape lighting can be beneficial for you.

Rolling Meadows History

Rolling Meadows is a historic city with a history going back to the 1830s. It was originally civilized by farm families, frequently people who traveled from Vermont.

By the 1840s, the Salt Creek had been dammed, providing room for many more families to live in the area. In the 1920s, land was purchased for a golf course and horse race track, and the population quickly grew after that point.

Rolling Meadows was incorporated in 1955 and grew significantly in the 1950s and 1960s. Affordable housing was built in the area for post-World War II veterans and their families.

Rolling Meadows has always prided itself on wide areas of green spaces, hence the name. This area was developed to offer pleasant suburban living not far from Chicago.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting in the front yard landscape to highlight trees.

Why Consider Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting?

Rolling Meadows is a lovely place to live. Not only is it a beautiful place full of green spaces, but it also has a very active community. Rolling Meadows is located about 28 miles north of Chicago and about 17 ½ miles west of the coast. It is within Cook County and is bordered by Arlington Heights, Palatine, and Inverness.
If you don't already have Rolling Meadows landscape lighting, there are some very good reasons to consider it:

Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting Offers Protection From Theft

Rolling Meadows is located very near the Arlington International Racecourse. If you like to watch horse races, this historic thoroughbred racetrack dating back to the 1920s is surely an attraction to living in this area. It is a massive racetrack that attracts people from all over the country and even from across the world. It has six grandstands and is surrounded by lush gardens to explore.

However, there is a downside to having such a significant tourist attraction very near to your town. Lots of people moving in and out of the area means that thieves may also be attracted. Since Rolling Meadows is an affluent area, these thieves may in turn be drawn to trying to steal from residents of this community. Thankfully, Rolling Meadows landscape lighting can do a lot to deter thieves from your property.

Lighting that is triggered by motion will scare any potential thieves away. Having property that is well lit is likely to make thieves look elsewhere instead of deciding to steal from your property. After all, thieves are looking for property that makes it easy for them to sneak up to your home undetected. Well-lit property makes it very difficult for them to get close without being noticed.

Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting Can Deter Wild Animals

Rolling Meadows has a population of about 24,000. Although it is far from a tiny village, it is not densely populated either. Lots tend to be very large, and there is plenty of green areas.

Furthermore, it borders the Busse Woods and isn’t far from Paul Douglas Preserve, the Arthur L. Janura Preserve, and other wild areas. There are also a number of parks within the village limits, including South Salk Park, Kimball Hill Park, and Florey Park.

The proximity to wild and natural areas is one of the great attractions of living in Rolling Meadows. It can be wonderful to see lots of songbirds and even the occasional deer on your property. However, having lots of wilderness areas nearby and plenty of green space in town can have some downsides as well.

Animals that may be dangerous or destructive to your property may find their way out of the natural spaces and into your neighborhood. Pests like possums and raccoons can do a lot of damage to your landscape or get into your trash. Larger predators like coyotes may be a threat to pets or children.

Thankfully, Rolling Meadows landscape lighting can be a powerful deterrent to pests and predators. These animals tend to be nocturnal and prefer to sneak onto your property by the cover of darkness.

Lighting that is triggered when animals move will scare them away promptly. Continuous landscape lighting that lights up your property is very likely to keep animals wandering along.

Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting Enables You to Enjoy Your Property More

A stroll through Rolling Meadows immediately makes it clear that this is a city of people who enjoy the outdoors. Homes are positioned on large lots with large, grassy yards and mature signature trees. Flower beds, sculpted hedges, and seasonal vegetable gardens are very common.

Rolling Meadows landscape lighting can enable you to enjoy your home even more. Here are just a few things that landscape lighting can do for your property:

  • Light up flower beds. Why should you only enjoy your flower beds during the day, when you are likely to be at work anyways? Landscape lighting can make flower beds as bright at night as they are during the day.
  • Illuminate pathways. Landscape lighting can make a stroll across your property extremely pleasant in the evening. Whether you want to light a path that already exists or you want to create a path across the lawn with lighting from above, you can enjoy nighttime strolls with landscape lighting.
  • Create a pleasant evening porch experience. Lighting on your porch can give you a reason to sit out and listen to the crickets on pleasant summer evenings, rather than being chased inside by the darkness.
  • Make your home look its best. You surely take pride in every detail of your home, from the signature trees to the brickwork. Landscape lighting can exemplify these details to make your home look beautiful.

Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Home Stand Out

Each home in Rolling Meadows is a little bit different from each other. It is clear that people take pride in making their homes special in a wide variety of ways. Landscape lighting is one way that you can make your home stand out in the evening.

Whether you want to make it easy for guests to find your house, you want something beautiful to come home to at the end of a workday, or you are considering selling your home and want it to look special, landscape lighting can help. Landscape lighting on the special details of your home will draw attention to them. The overall effect of landscape lighting is to make your home look beautiful in the evening.

What to Look for in Landscape Lighting

You need an outdoor lighting company that will make the most of your landscape lighting design while charging a reasonable price. There is no reason to settle for anything less than the best landscape lighting for your Rolling Meadows home. Here are a few key features to look for in the landscape lighting company that you select:

  • A history in the area. You want to choose a landscape lighting company that has been in business for decades, working in Rolling Meadows and the surrounding areas. Such a company will understand how local plants grow over time, what works well in the area, etc.
  • Local. The lighting company that you choose should install such high-quality lighting that it won't require much care over time. On the other hand, if you do want maintenance or something changed, you want a company that is near enough to arrive promptly.
  • Good listeners. The company that you choose should be interested in what you have to say about what you want from landscape lighting and should take the time to thoroughly understand your hopes and goals.
  • A significant crew. While a one-man operation may be dedicated to doing a good job, they may not be able to access the quality products or do the job to the level that it needs to be done in the way that a larger company can.
  • A great reputation. The company you choose should have been in business long enough to gain a reputation, and that reputation should show good things about their record. Look for a company that has frequent referrals from other landscape companies and contractors.

Consider American National Sprinkler and Lighting for Rolling Meadows Landscape Lighting

Consider American National Sprinkler and Lighting for Rolling Meadows Landscape LightinAmerican National Sprinkler and Lighting has been serving Rolling Meadows and the surrounding areas since the 1980s. They have extensive experience in this area and know exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to landscape lighting.

They are located nearby and have a team of over 20 certified technicians that will be able to assist you whenever you need help with your landscape lighting. This is a landscape lighting company that is dedicated to their customers.

They have a reputation for great integrity and are often referred by landscape contractors and architects as well. Despite their vast wealth of experience, they will take the time to listen to you and understand exactly what you want from your landscape lighting.

If you have ever admired landscape lighting in your area, there's a very good chance that it was installed by American National Sprinkler & Lighting. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!