Riverwoods Landscape Lighting

Why Consider Riverwoods Landscape Lighting

Riverwoods Landscape Lighting can go a long way to make you enjoy your home and property even more. It can also provide benefits in safety and make your property more functional.
Whether you live in one of the more heavily forested areas of Riverwoods or you are on a more classically suburban block, here's what you need to know about how Riverwoods landscape lighting can benefit your property.

History of Riverwoods

Riverwoods is a historical neighborhood established in 1959. It was developed by a local businessman named Jay Peterson. The woods that form the Northwest border of Riverwoods, Ryerson Woods, has a history that extends even further.

In the 1920's, several families built cabins in the area. The Ryersons, for whom the forest is named, purchased a significant piece of land on which to build a farm. Edward L Ryerson said that he wanted to keep the land the same way it was when the Native Americans had lived there before the first permanent settlers came in 1834.

In the 1950s, the Ryerson family and 12 other families who owned property in the woods sold or donated it to the Lake County Forest Preserve District, forming the beautiful forest that Riverwoods residents enjoy today.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - Riverwoods Landscape Lighting, tree lighting in the front yard using an outdoor lighting system.

Reasons to Install Riverwoods Landscape Lighting

Riverwoods Landscape Lighting Offers Protection From Wildlife

Riverwoods is an aptly-named community, as it is bordered by the Des Plaines River and several forested areas. The nearness to these natural spaces is one of the things that makes this community so attractive and beloved by its residents.

It also means that many types of wildlife find their way into the village. When this wildlife includes songbirds and the occasional glimpse of a deer, it is certainly part of what makes this a lovely place to live. In fact, the heavily forested and natural environment of Riverwoods sets it apart and is the reason many people choose to live here.

However, some wildlife may not be as desirable on your property. Raccoons and possums can be pests, getting into your garbage and uprooting your landscape. Some wildlife, such as foxes may be a threat to pets or children. Large predators may be more likely in Riverwoods than in other villages in the area since they can follow the river through wild areas for many miles, providing them with a wide range.

Landscape lighting can be a highly effective way to deter nocturnal wildlife from coming onto your property without doing them any harm. Motion-activated landscape lighting is especially effective for frightening off wildlife. Lighting along the perimeters of your property can go a long way to encouraging wildlife to look elsewhere for foraging opportunities.

Riverwoods Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your Enjoyment of Your Property

Most parts of Riverwoods have homes that seem to merge gently right into the forest that surrounds them. Other parts of Riverwood offer a more classic suburban feel, with beautiful grassy lawns and large houses set on generous lots. Either way, one thing that nearly every part of Riverwoods has in common is plenty of outside space. Residents of this area clearly enjoy spending time outside.

Here are just a few of the ways that Riverwoods Landscape Lighting can enable you to enjoy your property more:

Porch and Patio Lighting
A charming patio or porch not only provides a lovely and attractive scene to come home to, but it can also extend the time that you may enjoy sitting out on your porch. The right lighting may even encourage you to have your breakfast or evening drinks out on the patio rather than going inside.

Path Lighting
A stroll through a heavily forested landscape or along among the flower beds is very pleasant during the day, but it can also be lovely at night with path lighting. You can light up an existing path, perhaps showing off flower beds’ stunning color, or you can create a path at night where there isn't one during the day by creating pools of light across the lawn coming down from the trees.

Lawn Lighting
Why not enjoy tossing around a ball or playing frisbee for a bit longer in the evening? Gentle lawn lighting can replicate moonlight, providing enough light for you to enjoy your lawn in the dark without creating an unpleasantly harsh effect.

Tree Lighting
Whether your Riverwoods home is in the midst of a forest or you have only a couple of beautiful signature trees on your property, you can make the most of your trees by lighting them up. Lighting shooting up into the branches can make each tree look like a stunning piece of architecture while lighting gently glowing down from the branches looks like moonlight.

Light up Water Features
A summertime evening dip in the pool can be extremely pleasant, but you are unlikely to choose to go swimming in the dark. Landscape lighting installed in and around a pool is the perfect way to draw you in for a nighttime swim and enable you to enjoy your summer much more than you otherwise would have been able to.

Hire a Professional or Install Riverwoods Landscape Lighting Yourself?

There are all kinds of landscape lighting kits available from your local home improvement store or online, which may lead you to question whether you really need an installation expert or whether you can install landscape lighting yourself. Here are a few things to consider while making this decision:

  • DIY landscape lighting rarely looks as good as professional installation. Do-it-yourself kits often have lights that are brighter near the power source and become dimmer as they go further away, which will negatively impact the overall look of the lighting.
  • Professional installation offers more options. There are lots of brand and design choices available to the home installer, but most of them cover the same general options in types of lights. By contrast, professional installation has a vast array of potential lighting effects to choose from.
  • Landscape lighting installation comes with some risks. Even installing low-voltage landscape lighting can come with some risks inherent in working with electricity, both while you are installing and to anyone who comes into contact with the lights on your property.
  • Professionally installed lights typically last longer. You can expect quality landscape lights installed by a professional to last for a very long time with minimal maintenance. If maintenance is needed, a quality company will be happy to assist you. By contrast, DIY lights are often fairly short-lived and can be very frustrating for you to service yourself.

What to Look for in a Landscape Lighting Company

You want an outdoor lighting company that has experience working in Riverwoods to install the best landscape lighting for this area. Choose a company that has at least a decade or so of experience so that you can feel confident that they will be around when you need them.

Ideally, the landscape lighting company that you choose will have a significant crew and be locally located so that they can be available to help you with any concerns that may come up with your lighting. You also want to look for a company that is interested in hearing what you have to say in regards to landscape lighting design.

Even a very skilled landscape light installation expert is unlikely to leave you satisfied with the lighting that has been installed if they are not willing to listen to what you want from your lighting or your particular concerns and goals for your property.

Choose American National Sprinkler & Lighting for Your Landscape Lighting Needs

American National Sprinkler & Lighting has been installing gorgeous lighting in Riverwoods and the surrounding areas since the early 1980s. They have the extensive experience required to install very high-quality lighting for your home.

They have a significant crew of qualified technicians locally available to help you with any issues that may come up with your lighting and are happy to listen to all of your questions and concerns to install the lighting that will work best for your home.