Glencoe Landscape Lighting

Should You Get Glencoe Landscape Lighting?

Nestled on the banks of Lake Michigan and bordered by natural wilderness areas, Glencoe is truly a unique and gorgeous place to live. Glencoe landscape lighting can highlight the beauty of your home and gardens at night, let you enjoy your outdoor spaces at night as well as during the day, and make your property safer.

History of Glencoe

Elegant homes have been built in Glencoe since the late 19th century. It remains a lovely residential area without much industry. The little business district offers some basic amenities like a post office and performing arts theatre, but most people have always taken the train to Chicago for extensive shopping. This is a gorgeous community away from the hustle.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - Glencoe Landscape Lighting - outdoor lighting system can help illuminate your Glencoe home at night.

Why Install Glencoe Landscape Lighting?

Show Off Your Home

Homes throughout Glencoe are truly stunning. Many of these homes have been well-maintained for hundreds of years. Details like bay windows, intricate brickwork, and sweet patio spaces define these pleasant homes.

Glencoe landscape lighting can show off the beautiful details of your home at night. By casting a spotlight onto brickwork, you can make the intricate details even more evident than during the day. Gently lighting a patio space or sitting area will draw you and your guests out to enjoy the night.

If your home is historic, as many houses throughout Glencoe are, you can choose lights that are representative of the era in which your home was built so that your landscape lighting will enhance and not detract from the historic quality of your home.

Don't worry about landscape lights detracting from the look of your home during the day. Professionals install lights in such a way that they are invisible or look like attractive landscaping features during the day.

Show Off Your Landscaping

Glencoe homes are defined by large, sprawling lots with big homes and lots of landscaping. Sometimes, aspects of landscaping have been in development since the home was built and originally planted.

Signature trees are large and mature and topiaries are extremely dense with many years of training. These older features are highlighted by lots of flower beds and low flowering shrubs. Here are a few ways that Glencoe landscape lighting will show off the best aspects of your landscaping:

  • Trees. Light can be cast up into the branches of a signature tree to make artwork of the branches and shows off the texture of the bark. Light can also shine down from trees to illuminate paths or lawns. By putting a few branches between the light and the ground, the effect of moonlight can be replicated.
  • Flower beds. Lighting that is low to the ground illuminates the color of flower beds so they’ll be as attractive at night as they are during the day. If flowers line a path or grassy area, these lights can also help to mark the borders.
  • Walls and hedges. Casting light onto walls and hedges is a very attractive effect which also helps to define the boundaries of a space. It can also help to show off the texture of the wall or the leaves of the hedge.
  • Fountains and ponds. Landscape lighting can make fountains and ponds come alive at night. Moving water can be especially beautiful when lit.

Increase Curb Appeal

Glencoe landscape lighting can increase the enjoyment that you take in your outdoor spaces. You might work long days and have little time to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping during the day, but at night you have time to soak in all of the beautiful features with landscape lighting.

A sitting space with charming lighting can draw you out into the night to enjoy some time outside. Attractively lit paths will tempt you to wander down them and admire lit features like ponds, statues, and flowers. Why limit your guests to the inside spaces when landscape lighting can take the party into the garden?

Extend Outdoor Living

It’s hard to not feel a bit competitive with your neighbors over curb appeal. One way to get an edge on the competition is by extending your home’s curb appeal into the evening. Show off your home and your landscaping with appropriate landscape lighting.

Furthermore, high-quality landscape lights can increase the value of your home. They are a long-term investment that can last a lifetime.

American National Sprinkler & Lighting - Glencoe Landscape Lighting can help deter burglars - a burglar trying to break in an open window with a crowbar.

Safety from Burglars

Unfortunately, affluent areas like Glencoe are often a target for burglars. Thieves know that nearly any home in this neighborhood has things they’d like to steal, so they may be more likely to target individual homes opportunistically. There are a few aspects of Glencoe that may make it easier for burglars to get to you.

  • Lake Michigan. It can be all too easy for thieves to sneak into your backyard if you live on Lake Michigan. Whether they walk along the beach or even use a small boat, it may be very easy for burglars to find their way onto your property from Lake Michigan. Glencoe landscape lights can illuminate areas that burglars may access. Lights can also be set to a motion sensor so that they will wash an area with bright light, startling and revealing any trespassers.
  • Forest. Glencoe is rich in beautiful natural forests. Turnbull woods and Mary Mix McDonald Woods lie within the borders and Shokie Lagoons borders one side of the neighborhood. Living next to the forest or lagoon is lovely for when you’d like to take a nature walk out your back door, but unfortunately, they can also be an easy way for thieves to scout out your home undetected, especially at night. Landscape lighting between your property and the forest will light up any criminals.
  • Golf courses. Golf course living is lovely, but it can also make it easy for thieves to find their way into your backyard. It can be very tempting for criminals to stroll along the golf course and look for unattended homes to take advantage of. Prevent your home from becoming the target with Glencoe landscape lights.

Safety from Animals

One of the best things about living in Glencoe is the wealth of natural areas. Wherever you live in this charming neighborhood, a nature walk isn’t far. Whether you want to wander the banks of Lake Michigan, explore forests, wander the lagoons, or take in the landscaping at the Botanic Garden, you’re within a short walk or drive of something beautiful. Furthermore, Glencoe has several beautiful, sprawling golf courses that border natural areas.

Unfortunately, not all of the wild things living around you in Glencoe are animals that you want to visit your property. Raccoons, possums, and even coyotes and bobcats all may find their way into your backyard from a natural area.

Glencoe landscape lighting is a powerful deterrent to wildlife to keep your home and pets safe. If you want to deter larger animals while having a minimal effect on insects, choose lights with a warmer glow.

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Types of Glencoe Landscape Lighting

There are a number of types of landscape lighting that you can use to show off the beauty of your home and garden and increase functionality and safety. Landscape lighting is a diverse class of lights but here are a few options that your landscape lighting professional will suggest to you.

  • Garden/path lights. Garden lights are short post lights that shine down to illuminate a circle of the ground or foliage around them. They are also very effective alongside paths, especially when there is something along the path that you’d like to light, like flowers or foliage.
  • Wash. This is a soft, diffuse spotlight that looks great emphasizing the details of the brickwork in a home or wall.
    Spotlight. This light has a narrow, sharp beam that works well when used to light up a specific feature of a house, highlight a tree trunk or branches, or show off a garden feature.
  • Well. These lights are buried underground and are quite tough. They can shine straight up or at an angle. They’re a great choice where they may be stepped on or where you want your landscape lighting to be invisible during the day
  • Downlights. These lights are mounted high in the branches of a tree to create the beautiful effect of moonlight shining through the branches.
  • Flood. Floodlights create a wide beam of light that can be quite powerful. They are a great choice for security lights set to a motion sensor or for areas where you want enough light to work by.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

There are plenty of do it yourself options available at your local home improvement store, but there are some very good reasons to hire a professional instead.

Installing landscape lighting correctly takes a good deal of expertise. You are less likely to know just what lights can illuminate a space best or how many lights and how much wattage is necessary while still making as little impact on your energy bill as possible.

Furthermore, wiring the lights, burying wiring, and choosing the right wires to ensure that each light is equally bright can be a time-consuming challenge.

Choose American National Sprinkler & Lighting for Glencoe Landscape Lighting

American National Sprinkler & Lighting has the experience with Glencoe landscape lighting to offer you professional results that exceed your expectations. You’ll love how your landscape looks and you’ll love not having to worry about it year after year. The lighting and installations offered by American National are designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Call us today or use a contact form to schedule a free quote!